Cricket Mahiti Marathi – Cricket Information in Marathi – History of Cricket and how it started? Here you will find complete information about cricket. The game of cricket started during the British period. Today we got all the information about cricket in very simple language. You can refer to the index below to get to this post.

Cricket Information in Marathi – Cricket is an outdoor sport played with a cricket bat and ball. Today, cricket is one of the most popular international sports. Cricket is a game that can be played by both men and women. The Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular international cricket tournaments. This tournament is also played by women. This game requires two teams. Although cricket is the national game of England, it is now played all over the world. Two teams consist of 11 players.

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

Cricket Mahati Marathi – The game of cricket originated in England around the 13th century. In England, children there initially started with wooden planks. At that time, stone was used as a bullet. This custom continued until the 17th century. After the 17th century, the use of stone stopped and the bullet came into use. The modern weight of the ball is now 156 grams to 163 grams. The use of this ball started from 1774.

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The old bat was made of wood and shaped like a modern handkerchief. After some time his height became shorter and his weight also decreased. As bowling was not developed in the early period, batsmen dominated bowling until the 18th century.

Information about cricket ground in Marathi – The cricket ground is oval. And in the middle of that oval field is a rectangular area. That area is called a cricket pitch. Players bat and bowl from that pitch.

The field used for the game of cricket is the same for men and women. But the distance of six on the field is different for men and women.

The straight distance for men is a minimum of 70 yards (64 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.50 m) and for women a minimum of 65 yards (59.45 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49 m).

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The perimeter of the square for men is a minimum of 65 yards (59.43 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49 m) and the perimeter of the square for women is a minimum of 65 yards (59.43 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49 m). ).

The average length of a cricket field is 66 yards (20.12 m). And the width is 264 cm. There are stumps on both sides of the cricket field. One side is for batting and the other side is for bowling. At a distance of 1.22 meters from the stumps there is a line within which the player must bat. Similarly, the player on the other side should bowl from the same line.

The Duckworth Lewis Rule (DLS) is a mathematical formula designed to calculate the target score for the other batting team in a limited overs cricket match that is interrupted by weather or other conditions.

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

It is accepted as the most accurate method of determining the target score. A draw was decided due to such an environment.

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If the ball hit by the batsman goes out of the boundary, it is called a six. If this happens, six runs are added to the count.

Four runs are scored when the ball hit by the batsman lands on the pitch without going straight out.

There are also extra runs as per the rules of cricket. The batting team is awarded an extra ball and an extra run if the ball leaves the field or the ball lands above the batsman’s waist.

Cricket Information in Marathi – Below are some of the rules and reasons for dismissing a batsman as per the rules of cricket. A batsman can be eliminated in several ways.

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If the batsman throws the ball straight up in the air and catches it before it hits the opponent’s ground, the batsman is out.

If both batsmen run for a run after hitting the ball, if the other team hits the ball towards the stumps or hits the stumps before it reaches the stumps, one of the batsmen is out.

A player may drop out for a while. Players will not be able to bat for some time. This rule is called the time-out rule.

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

If the player hits the stumps directly while batting, he will be out.

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A player can leave if he wants to leave due to personal injury, children or any other reason. But once the player withdraws and leaves the field. So he doesn’t get a chance to play back in those matches, so if a player gets out, he gets a retired wicket.

Below are some types of bullets. From there it is decided whether to add another ball to the score or bowl another ball

If the bowler bowls the ball outside the designated line of the field, he must bowl another ball and the opposing team is awarded one more run after being bowled.

If the bowler throws the ball over the batsman’s head or waist, it is considered a nine ball. Before that, one more ball is awarded to the other team and one more run is awarded. At the same time, the next ball is given a free hit, i.e. the player with the ball cannot be freed in any way.

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ODI Cricket Match comes under the category of Limited Over Cricket. ODIs are currently the last 50 overs and are played between 2 teams. Each has 11 players.

ODI World Cup- The most popular competition in the game of ODI cricket is the ODI World Cup. Cricket World Cup is a game for which many teams of the world play. Many teams from India, England, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Pakistan are participating in this tournament.

T-20 Cricket Match comes under the category of Limited Over Cricket. A T-20 match is played over 20 overs and is played between 2 teams. Each has 11 players.

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

T-20 World Cup (T-20 World Cup) – As the World Cup is played in ODI, the World Cup is also held in 20 overs. Many famous teams of the world also participate in this tournament.

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IPL (Indian Premier League) – IPL is the world’s largest and most popular 20-over tournament played in India. Indian teams in IPL include Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Lucknow Supergiants, Gujarat Titans, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings. Mumbai Indians is the most successful team among them as this team has won the IPL 5 times in total.

Test matches are also played in international competition. There is only one unbeaten century series in this tournament where the series is played between two international teams.

Cricket Information in Marathi, Cricket Mahati Marathi – All information about Cricket (Cricket Information in Marathi) is taken from the book. Be sure to let us know what you think about the above cricket complete information. If you have any problems with the above information, please email us at [email protected]. We will give you an accurate answer within 24 hours. Information About Cricket Field In Marathi – Information About Cricket Field On a cricket field, the field is the place where batting, bowling and fielding take place simultaneously. From this position the overs of the game are completed, the batting takes place, the runs are scored and the competition continues. A field is like a soul on a cricket field. Many captains base their game plans on it and bowlers and batsmen always prefer a pitch that suits them so that they can play more easily.

What is the length and width of a cricket field? (What is the length and width of a cricket field in Marathi?)

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In contrast, the width of a cricket field is measured in 10 feet or 3.05 meters. Although the width of the cricket field is large, only 3 meters of it is actually used during a match.

What is the length of the bowling line on the cricket field? (What is the length of the bowling line on a cricket field?)

The distance between the bowling alley and the stumps on a cricket field is 4 feet or 1.22 meters. The front and back of the stump are marked every 4 feet. The distance between the stumps and the bowling crease is 1.20 meters.

Cricket Mahiti Marathi

While running, the batsman should touch this crease. However, in bowling, it is a no ball if the bowler’s foot leaves the crease.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has set a range of distances from the field to the boundary, with a minimum of 64 meters (210 ft) and a maximum of 82.29 meters (270 ft), depending on Whether the boundary is straight or round. is the.

On the other hand, if the boundary is square, the minimum and maximum distances from the field are 59.43 meters (195 feet) and 82.29 meters (270 feet).

Both the square boundary and the straight boundary for the women’s cricket team are of equal length, with the boundary line distance from the field being 64 meters (210 ft) to 82.29 meters (270 ft).

Despite being high on the ICC scale, the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia has a straight boundary and pitch-to-boundary distance of 93.72 metres. In contrast, the square of the Melbourne Cricket Ground is 86.24 meters from the boundary field to the boundary line.

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A spot in the middle of a field 30 meters long and 3 meters wide is chosen as a cricket pitch and the grass is continuously cut. After watering the plant, it is further watered to clear any weeds. Then the distance of 20 meters between the two stumps is measured and finally the entire pitch is measured.

Lord’s is the most famous cricket stadium in the world and it is also called “Home of Cricket”. It was built in 1814 and named after Thomas Lord, who was then the owner of the Marylebone Cricket Club.