9 bet – I9BET – Uy Tin Hang Dau is a random app developed by FRANCISANCUDJZZ. After downloading the Android emulator from this page, you can play i9BET – Uy Tin Hang Dau on PC.

Android emulators are programs that run as a virtual Android device on your computer. is one of those Android emulators for Windows PC.



It also provides additional features like multitasking, macros, action recording, and more. Using Android 9.0 system can help you play mobile games on PC with faster performance and high FPS.

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If i9BET developer Uy Tin Hang Dau releases a PC client, you can definitely play it on PC without using an Android emulator. However, you can have a better gaming experience if you play i9BET – Uy Tin Hang Dau on PC.

Both of you can play i9BET – Uy Tin Hang Dau on your big screen monitor with better graphics and enhance your gaming experience.

If you need to perform certain precise clicks or combinations in i9BET – Uy Tin Hang Dau, you can write macros to trigger single key combinations using the macro feature of the keyboard mapping panel. Very creative and time saving.

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If you need to play on multiple instances, it is recommended to use a processor with a higher number of cores and a graphics card with a higher vram. You can refer to this tutorial How to open as many copies as possible.

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The whole truth about RAU TV and 9-bet, exposure, fraud and fraud proof. “RAU TV” Alexander Raul — a fraud who cheats the office?

Hello everyone! Are you permanently divorced from the internet of money? It is probably difficult to find a person who has not been scammed for money in the 21st century. Even 500 rubles is money that is not easy for everyone.


“RAU TV” – the way to become a scammer Telegram chat where people gathered who were scammed by the scammer Alexander Raul, RAU TV, join, there are almost 500 people! – CLICK!

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Today we will talk about a once popular YouTube and Instagram blogger who shoots funny content about his life, relationships with girls and entertainment. But at some point, the hero of our article, Alexander Raul, or as he calls himself “RAU TV”, realized that it is very difficult to earn money honestly, yes, and simply no, so he decided to correct the time. He started betting on sports. At the beginning of 2018, Alexander created his own Telegram channel called “Rau Bet”, in which he makes 4-6 free predictions per day.

Kazakov is a typical example of a capper. It’s no secret that those who already have an audience and popularity on social networks become downers. Retraining from blogger to privateer is a trivial matter. Since Kazakov is a pony, what does YouTube listen to, which does not accept long-term access, he invented himself a scam under the name Rau Bet Free.

Sam Sasha Kazakov from Odessa. Got rich thanks to YouTube. All of his videos match the level of his subscribers (and these are middle and high school students). Everything that may be of interest to such an audience will be found on the RAU TV channel. Thanks to the rapid popularity and playing on the instincts of the young audience, Major quickly gained a huge number of subscribers and began to buy expensive properties, which he demonstrated in videos.

SmartGuide Notes. everything shown in young Sasha’s videos looks very suspicious. We believe that expensive material possessions only serve as a lure for new fans of the channel. Is it Kazakov’s? Most likely not.

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We do not have a clear answer as to where Kazakov earned so much money. It is quite possible that the channel is sponsored by someone from above, and Alexander himself is just a puppet or a project of an outside group of people. If you look at it from the other side, you should not exclude the income that the major has from advertising on YouTube. How did subscribers bring the first big money to the student? If the channel has an audience of over a million, it is possible to have 6-7 thousand dollars per month. Agree, this is very good money. Later, Alexander’s budget increased several times. Sponsors contributed to this. 1xbet as well as various casino scams that have millions of players.

Interestingly, the channel itself has been around since 2015. That’s 5 active years. Pravda vot kapperom this student from Ukraine became very recently. And all the property that the blogger is proud of on his channel was bought with money from advertising on YouTube.

There is an opinion on the Internet that the man was originally a major. That is, most likely the cars and huge sums of money shown in the video are not his, but the property of Kazakov’s rich parents. Is it really so? It is impossible to say exactly, we can only guess.


Analyst opinions are negative. In my review about Rau Bet clients miss what they don’t predict and don’t return the average. Statistika risuetsya capperom – half the forecast can be close, but no one accepts 2.

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Forecaster tries to get positive comments using subscription skids. He offers to leave a review for the project, in exchange for access to VIP-chat 40% cheaper.

Rau Bet is a fraudulent project that receives profit from the bookmaker’s office. Clienty proigrývayut finansý po nogozam cappera, a analitika collects 40-50% from another bank. In sports betting, scammers are mostly caught by novices who believe in tales of winning millions with 1,000 rubles. Canal Telegram Rau Bet Free with sports predictions is designed for such people. During the check, fraudulent activities and unrealistic guarantees of high traffic were revealed – our team strongly advises against betting even on free predictions!

Alexander Raul managed to win an audience. Rau Bet is a scam project for the following reasons.

Blogger Alexander Raul was filmed many revelations about his activities on the YouTube platform. Such as the author of 9-bet.com where the author is not known.

Bet, разоблачение, доказательства обмана и мошенничества. «rau Tv» Александр Рауль — мошенник, рекламирующий скам контору?

About two months ago, until the end of 2021, Alexander decided that the money from the fraudulent project RAU BET is not much, but the new Mercedes will be ready for work. What to do? Bingo! Can I advertise my bookmaker on my Instagram profile which is only 2 days old? Why not? At some point, Sasha made an Instagram story where he talked about the fact that he finally found the person he had been looking for for four or three years – “Sports Informer”! And now he wants to share a way to earn money together with his subscribers! No, how can you not trust a blogger who loves his audience so much that he is willing to share a great way to make money?

Having posted a couple of comments, Sasha shares on Instagram a link to the office where you can determine the status of this judge who can change the lives of thousands of subscribers for the better — 9-bet.com!