Cricket Par Nibandh – Hello friends, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world today, now cricket is played in hundreds of countries and has become popular. In today’s article we will tell you cricket essay, or you will find cricket essay (cricket essay in hindi) here.

Friends, cricket is a type of game where one ball and betting is used. For friends, usually leather balls and wooden beds are used.

Cricket Par Nibandh

Cricket Par Nibandh

To elaborate, a total of 2 teams participate in one cricket match. And there were 11-11 players from both teams, who participated in this game. When one team bats and a total of 2 players of the batting team are fielding, in addition to this, one bowler of the opposing team swings, and then the whole team bowls, and then the result is the best. a man goes bowling for the opposite team. After this, the team playing first gives the target 1 run to the opposing team. And if the opposite team gets that many runs while chasing 1 run, then they win. Also, if a team doesn’t score, then they lose and the opposing team wins.

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Friends, cricket is very popular all over the world, and it is the second most popular sport after football. Also, in countries like India and Pakistan, cricket is considered a religion.

Cricket is the most exciting sport in India and is played in many countries around the world. It is not very popular in the United States, although it is played with great interest in many countries such as India, UK, Australia. It is a great game played in open field with the help of bat and ball. That’s why it’s my favorite game. I usually watch cricket on TV when there is a national or international cricket tournament. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11 players. In tossing, the team chooses to bat or bowl first.

There are many rules in the game of cricket, apart from knowing which person can play it correctly. It can only be played properly when the ground is dry, but it becomes difficult when the ground is wet. The batsman spins until he gets out. Every time the game starts, everyone is happy and there is noise in the whole stadium, especially when a special player reaches four or six.

Sachin is my favorite cricketer and almost everyone likes him a lot. There are many new records created by him in the history of Indian cricket. On days when Sachin plays in a national or international match, I forget to eat despite the excitement of watching cricket.

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There are two teams of players in the game of cricket. There are two judges called referees who will officiate the game. In addition, each team has a captain (captain) who leads the team. There are eleven players in each team. One or two extra players are also kept in each team. The game of cricket is played for a long time. The same test usually takes 5 days. Some traditional games last three to four days. Sometimes one day matches are also played.

So in today’s post, we have told you cricket essay (cricket essay in hindi), we have tried to provide almost all the information related to the topic in this post. In addition, we have also shared some important information related to cricket in this article, such as what is cricket, how to play cricket, remember what are the rules of cricket.

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Cricket Par Nibandh

As soon as the name of the game comes, the mind is filled with joy and happiness. Everyone likes to play and jump, especially children who like and play based on their interests, age, preferences, etc. Although I like cricket a lot.

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Cricket is kept in the outdoor sports category. It is played in only a few countries in the world, but many countries watch and enjoy it. Youngsters love this game like crazy. When the game is played between two countries of the world, people who cannot watch the game in the stadium are connected to television and radio.

Cricket is played on a large field. In the center of the field is a platform twenty meters long. To clarify this, three wickets were included on both sides. It is played in two groups. There are eleven players in each team. There are also two referees who will make decisions in this game. There is a third referee outside the field who makes decisions in difficult situations after watching replays on television. The players of one team spread out on the field and prevent the ball from going out with two players of the other team.

In cricket, victory or defeat is decided based on the score obtained. The team that gets more or less players is called the winner. If the ball is caught by the batsman, if it touches the boundary line then four runs are counted and if it passes and falls outside the boundary line, six runs are counted.

At the international level, cricket is played in three formats today – Test matches, played over five days. 90 overs which means 540 balls have to be bowled every day. In this decision the victory or defeat becomes less. Therefore, its popularity has decreased now. The second method is one-day matches, where each team plays fifty overs.

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In this decision of victory or defeat is made the most popular. The third format is commonly known as T-20. In this, each team plays 20-20 overs. Now it is very popular. It is also called fast cricket. The IP is played in India L.L., where the big players from the big countries of the world play, it is very famous around the world. So far IPL has been successfully held 6 times. In today’s era, sports are not only a way of entertainment for all of us, but also a unique identity. And when it comes to “Cricket is my favorite sport”, it really conveys different emotions. Cricket, which can be called the ‘King of Sports’, is not only a game between players, but also a symbol of religious and social dialogue in the Indian environment.

This blog is on “My Favorite Game Cricket” where we will share our deep love for this amazing game and our unique experience. Let’s share our curiosity and love for this game and welcome everyone on this exciting journey.

Cricket – a game which is not only a sport but also the heartbeat of India. It is a game that has the ability to unite all Indians and improve morale. Cricket has a special place in my life and in this article I will try to give you an idea of ​​my unique love for this game.

Cricket Par Nibandh

The start of cricket was a moment I will never forget in my life. The streets of my childhood, the sweet smell and playing with my friends will always live in my heart. The joy that filled my soul when I first stepped on the cricket field is still in my heart without irony.

Cricket Essay In Hindi

Cricket is not only a sport but also important from a social and psychological point of view. Its importance at that time

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