Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023 – IPL 2023: ‘The only thing they can celebrate’ RCB fans are rocked after the Red and Gold Army became the only cricket franchise in the top 5 sports clubs, along with Real Madrid, Manchester United, PSG and CHECK Out.

IPL 2023: Indian Premier League franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most popular sports clubs in the world today. according to…

Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023

Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023

IPL 2023: Indian Premier League franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most popular sports clubs in the world today. Reportedly, RCB was one of the five most popular sports teams on Instagram in 2022. Iconic football clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona rank above RCB in terms of popularity. Die-hard RCB fans are going crazy over the report. However, some social media users trolling the Red and Gold Army is the only thing they can celebrate as RCB is yet to win the IPL. Indian Premier League 2023 live update.

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According to a report by sports management company Deportes & Finanzas, RCB was the 5th most popular sports team on Instagram in 2022. First on this list was Real Madrid at 2.10B. FC Barcelona is second with 17,800 million, Manchester United third with 14,000 million, PSG fourth with 10,700 million, behind RCB with 94,800 million.

In terms of interactions in 2022, the most popular sports teams: 1. Real Madrid – 2.10B. 2. FC Barcelona – 1.78B. 3. Manchester United – 1.40B. 4. PSG – 1.07B. 5. RCB – 948M. – Exclusive cricket franchise for RCB! — Mupadal Bora (@mufaddal_vohra) January 30, 2023

A Twitter user posted about Royal Challengers banglore. The tweet went viral, garnering over 300,000 views. Fans left interesting comments under this tweet. Some RCB fans are very happy with the report. An RCB fan said, “Today doesn’t matter. It’s about winning hearts. And RCB is a perfect example.”

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Winning trophies doesn’t matter. Winning hearts… RCB is a perfect example.❤️ — Vinay Gamit (@gvinay0) January 30, 2023

Meanwhile, another Twitter user taunted RCB fans that the team had yet to win the IPL. “To all CSK and MI fans, the only thing I can wish for after IPL is to leave them alone,” Fan wrote.

For all CSK and MI fans, only thing to congratulate after IPL. — retired 🥀 (@Sense_Detected) January 30, 2023

Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023

A fan seems confused as to whether Instagram popularity is the right parameter to judge a cricket team. He said: “Do you think Instagram popularity is the right measure to judge a cricket team? I mean it’s good for business but is it good for cricket too? ????”

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Do you think Instagram popularity is the right parameter to judge a cricket team? I mean good for business but is it good for cricket???? — Aditya (@aditya10on9) January 30, 2023

RCB has announced their squad list for the upcoming IPL season. The three-time runner-up chose to support a dominant group of players.

RCB Last Part: Glenn Maxwell, FAF PLESSIS, WANHAL PATEL, DINESH POATHIK, AKASH RAWAT, JOSH HAZLEWOOD, MAHIP ALLEN, DAVID PRAB ALLEN, SIDDHART H Kashhudley, Sudshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhar, sharma, Will Jacks, Manoj Bhandage, Rajan Kumar, Avinash Singh, Sonu Yadav

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Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023

Let’s look at the main factors that affect a group’s popularity. Some of these include team performance, domestic market size, and marketing and advertising capabilities. None of these elements are good enough, and their absence doesn’t mean your team isn’t popular.

“Surprisingly, winning doesn’t always matter to popularity,” Jasal Shah, head of Velocity MR, which published a Consumer Insights report on the IPL last year, told Cricket Monthly. “If you look at some teams, especially Royal Challengers Bangalore, they are losing regularly but are still near the top of the popularity chart. Other teams have won the IPL but are not as popular.”

The location of the franchise obviously determines the size of the market, which gives big city teams a huge advantage. “Punjab and Rajasthan will always be small advertiser markets and will always struggle to get higher sponsorship deals compared to the big four [Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore, which are also the capitals of big states],” said Indranil Das Blah, founding partner of Kwan Entertainment, in a report prepared by multinational consul 2018 Phelps & IPL.

Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans In 2023

How will Chennai Super Kings’ brand be affected when MS Dhoni retires? Dibyangshu Sarkar / © AFP/Getty Images

IPL’s Most Popular Team: Who Takes The Crown?

Duff & Phelps estimates that franchisees spend between 5% and 15% of their sales on marketing and promotions. It is clear that some teams have performed better than others. Brand strategy expert Harish Bijoor told Cricket Monthly, “CSK has invested in every aspect of the brand.” “They have a great name. They have a brand icon, MS Dhoni. The ‘Whistling Poduo’ campaign was great and brought the brand into Tamil Nadu. It was a bottom-up brand and it wasn’t easy.”

Then there are some popularity factors in India. N Santosh, partner, Duff & Phelps India, told Cricket Monthly, “What’s really important in India is a celebrity angle.” “Celebrity involvement makes the band attractive to fans and helps retain them, be it Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta or Shilpa Shetty.” Of course, the bigger the star, the more impact it will have, but star power also has its downsides. If a celebrity’s reputation goes down, the group’s reputation can go down as well.

Another factor is the presence of Indian star players like Sachin Tendulkar or Dhoni. Chris Gayle or AB de Villiers may have a cachet but they are still considered international players. This is different from other major leagues. Frenchman Eric Cantona was the face of Manchester United in the early days of the English Premier League, while Egyptian Mo Salah is Liverpool’s hottest player today. “When Virat [Kohli] goes to Rajasthan Royals, their loyalties will change,” says Shah.

To answer our questions, we’ll look at TV viewership (eventually, streaming figures), brand ratings, social media tracking, and anecdotal sponsorship and advertising information. For our purposes, the 12 seasons of the IPL naturally fit into tests of 2 blocks of 4 years each, followed by 2 blocks of 2 years (Super Kings and Royals are discontinued from the 2016 and 2017 editions).

Which Ipl Team Has Most Fans 2021

Television ratings are a rigorous measure of popularity, but they provide relative information about the interest of each group. Also, these are the only metrics we have for the first four years (blocking limits access to data) and by that metric Kolkata Knight Riders and Royals were the two most popular teams.

According to data provided by TAM Media Research, Knight Riders had the highest TVR (TV Ratings) in three out of four years, while Royals topped the 2009 IPL in South Africa. (TVR is a number that describes time.