My Favorite Game Cricket – Passage to Cricket: It is known that cricket is a game played within 22 meters of a field. But it is celebrated all over the world like a religion. When a batsman scores 100 runs or a ball hits the wicket, it’s time to celebrate. Cricket defines passion, it shows how countless dreams come true! The following paragraphs are given to help us know more about the essence and evolution of this game over the years.

Cricket is a very famous sport. It can be played by men, women and children of all ages. It is an outdoor game that requires a bat, a ball and a wicket. It is usually played on a field of two teams and the team that gets more points wins the match. Judges are also present to give a fair verdict and stop arguments.

My Favourite Game Cricket

My Favourite Game Cricket

Cricket is the national sport of England. It is also played in many other countries. Children and adults in India love to play and watch cricket on TV. Playing cricket helps keep us healthy and teaches us many important lessons.

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Cricket is celebrated as a sport in many countries. It is played in a 22-yard oval field where two teams compete against each other. Each team includes 11 players who can be batsmen, all-rounders as well as bowlers. The match starts with a toss and is played on an over basis with 6 balls being bowled in each over. Scores can be scored by hitting the ball outside the fours as fours and sixes or by running between the wickets to get singles. The total number of overviews depends on the format of the game.

India plays cricket as a sport and entertainment. Youngsters can be seen in every corner of the country with bats and balls. Indian cricketers represent the nation in various tournaments in both disciplines. The dedication and popularity of this game makes it larger than life everywhere!

Cricket is a game of class, character and commitment. It requires not only years of training, but also passion and dedication. Originally played in Great Britain, the game has spread across the world and has had a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

Professionally, a cricket match consists of two competing teams and their playing eleven. Matches are staged in a stadium full of spectators, commentators, referees and cameras for their live broadcast. There are different formats and championships for the game:

My Favorite Game Cricket Essay English In Point

Cricket is also found everywhere, in playgrounds and in Indian neighborhoods. Called Gully Cricket. So when Sachin scores a century or India wins the Cricket World Cup, every person – be it in the cheering stadiums or behind their TV screens, shouts, “Cricket!” Called a little more life through this blessing.

Originally popularized as a “gentleman’s game”, cricket has emerged over the years as a sport that transcends the boundaries of gender, race and countries. “How is that?” When we hear the words like or “bold out”, we can only think of the heart-pounding, cheering, pressure and awe of a cricket match.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) governs the competition worldwide and the rules of the game are set out in a code called the Laws of Cricket. Every cricket match is played between two teams of 15 players, of which the best and fittest 11 play in the match. Match equipment including weight of bat, use of ball, dimensions of wickets, position of umpires etc.

My Favourite Game Cricket

The format has changed significantly with matches in limited and unlimited overs. Besides large-scale tournaments like the World Cup, country-based premier leagues like Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL) and Champions League (CLT20) have become popular. Major national team rivalries in cricket have seen nail-biting matches between England and Australia, India and Pakistan, South Africa and England.

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Although cricket is not the national sport of India, it is definitely the most followed and played sport. Kapil Dev and M. Dhoni. The women’s national team flourished and reached the World Cup finals with players like Mithali Raj, Smruti Mandana, Jhulan Goswami. Even India under 19 and blind cricket teams brought home some trophies.

As the game of cricket evokes many emotions, it is the responsibility of every player to keep his spirit alive. Gambling and illegal activities should be completely stopped from the game. Cricket should be appreciated as a childhood dream and an adult celebration! Essay on my favorite sport: “All work and no play makes Jack a stupid boy,” is a famous saying. It justifies that if everyone, all young students had studied, there would have been no Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar or Leander Paes or Sania Nehwal. So sport has the same value as education. History is testimony to the name and fame of those who have taken their passion for sports to the next level. I am also willing to work hard to bring success to my youthful passion. I also believe in the words of Muhammad Ali:

Below we have provided a long essay on my favorite sport in 500 words for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competitive exam candidates. This long essay on this topic is suitable for class 7 to class 10 students as well as competitive exam aspirants.

I love to play all kinds of sports – indoor and outdoor. Among indoor games, I like to play carrom and chess. I also like to play badminton and table tennis with my friends and cousins. But my favorite sport is cricket. I not only enjoy playing this game, I also enjoy watching it. It’s my favorite sport. We also play cricket in our school. I am in our school team and I really enjoy playing for our school. I open an innings for our school team.

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I love all aspects of the game – batting, fielding and bowling. I like diving and taking catches to stop boundaries, especially when fielding. I sometimes bowl. But I enjoy batting the most. I am also the vice-captain of the school team. In the last inter-school tournament, our school won the trophy and I contributed 58 points to my team’s score.

Our coach also works a lot. We practice every morning from 6 to 8 and in the evening from 4 to 5. First we warm up by doing a few laps of our floor, then we do stretching and fitness exercises. After that we practice after our rounds – fielding, batting or bowling.

I also like to watch the game when it is live on TV. Of course India is my favorite team but I also like to watch Australian and Sri Lankan teams. So I enjoy watching every match of the Indian team and if the other team is also my favorite then it’s like icing on the cake.

My Favourite Game Cricket

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to watch a live cricket match between India and Sri Lanka at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. It was an exciting experience. I enjoyed the match especially the brilliant performances of captain Dravid, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kaif and Kumble. Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite batsman.

My Favorite Game Cricket

Donit won the hearts of many people, including me. I loved seeing my favorite teams play against each other. When India won the match, our happiness was doubled and watching the match became even more rewarding. I wish there were more options like this to watch live matches.

Looking at the uplifted and satisfied faces of these players of the Indian team, I also felt a sense of greatness. I also decided to feel the essence of that National Cricket Team uniform, taking the passion of my favorite sport to the next level. The idea of ​​bringing glory to the country after all such victory surprised me greatly.

That’s why I decided to work hard and make my passion my career to serve the motherland like Sachin Tendulkar, Viswanathan Anand or Abhinav Bindra. There are many sports in the world but my favorite sports are football and basketball. But I love cricket the most famous cricket in the world I watch cricket live my favorite player in cricket in India team is Rohit Sharma is Ericket I ever played cricket on saturday and sunday from 4 to 5 pm. I observed the performance of every player in the Thal game and I improved my playing skills. Cricket was invented in England around the 18th century 1) Players of a team fast

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