How Many Countries Play Cricket – This is a list of cricketers born outside England who have represented the England cricket team at Test, One Day International or T20I level.

Country of birth is the only criterion; Therefore, some of the players below may have little relation to their country of birth, while others were born and raised in the same country.

How Many Countries Play Cricket

How Many Countries Play Cricket

Conversely, other England players may be associated with a country (for example Matthew Maynard, who is often listed as a Welsh cricketer due to his links with Anglesey and Glamorgan), but are not listed below. Because he was actually born in England.

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For convenience the countries of birth are listed under their current names and according to their current boundaries. Therefore players born in modern Zimbabwe are listed regardless of whether they were born in Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. Similarly, Neil Radford was born in Luanshya in modern Zambia and is therefore listed in that country, even though Luansia was then part of the short-lived Northern Rhodesia protectorate. Finally, Joseph McMaster is listed under Northern Ireland, even though his hometown of County Down was then part of Ireland.

In recent years the England team has benefited greatly from South Africa-born players. Since Andrew Strauss’ ODI debut in 2003, ten other South African-born players have played international cricket for England.

KS Ranjitsinhji, Teddy Vineyard, Richard Young, Neville Tufnell, Douglas Jardine, Duleepsinhji, Nawabi Pataudi Sr, Errol Holmes, Norman Mitchell-Innes, George Emmett, Colin Cowdrey, John Jameson, Bob Woolmer, Robin Jameson, Bob Woolmer, Robin Nasser Pasakin, Naser Posakin,

Basil D’Oliveira, Tony Greig, Ian Greig, Allan Lamb, Chris Smith, Robin Smith, Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior, Jonathan Trott, Craig Kieswetter, Jade Dernbach, Stuart Meeker, Michael Lumb, Jason Roy, Keaton Jenner.

Cricketers For The 2020s

Johnny Clay, Robert Croft, Geoff Jones, Tony Lewis, Austin Matthews, Hugh Morris, Gilbert Parkhouse, Pat Pocock, Greg Thomas, Maurice Turnbull, Cyril Walters, Steve Watkin, Alan Watkins, Simon Jones.

Billy Murdoch, John Ferris, Sammy Woods, Albert Trott, Gubby Allen, Adam Hollyoaks, Ben Hollyoaks, Jason Gallion, Tim Ambrose, Sam Robson.

Mike Denness, Gavin Hamilton, Alec Kennedy, David Larter, Gregor McGregor, Ian Peebles, Eric Russell, Dougie Brown, Peter Such. Cricket is a popular sport, ICC has 104 member countries. Editorial credit: Ahmed Faisal Yahya /

How Many Countries Play Cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body of the game of cricket, founded in 1909 as the Cricket Conference by agents of three countries including Australia, England and South Africa. The ICC has a total of 104 members, of which 12 are full Test match members and 94 are associate members.

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South Africa, Zimbabwe, West Indies, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland are the 12 full members of the ICC. Australia, England and South Africa have been full members since 1909, followed by New Zealand, West Indies and India in 1926 and then Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1981), Zimbabwe (1992), Bangladesh (2000), Afghanistan (2017). ) and Ireland (2017).

South Africa was one of the three founding members of the ICC. Its national cricket team, known as the Proteas, is a full member of the ICC, with T20 International, One Day International and Test status. As of 2018, the South African cricket team has played 420 Test matches with 157 wins and 139 losses, 91 T20 matches with 54 wins and 36 losses, and 586 ODIs with 361 wins and 203 losses.

England is another founding member who has been a part of the ICC since 1909. The England cricket team represents both England and Wales. This team also represented Scotland until 1992. Over the years England have held all three international tournament positions with the following results: 999 Test matches with 357 wins and 297 losses, 709 ODI matches with 351 wins and 100 T20 matches with a record 47 wins.

Australia is the third founding member of the ICC and the oldest member in combined Test cricket history, sharing the title with England, against whom they played their first Test match in 1877. The Australian cricket team has played 812 Test matches with 383 wins and 219 losses, 912 ODIs with 556 wins and 3196 matches and 3196 draws. 44.

How Many Countries In The World Play Cricket?

The West Indies cricket team, commonly known as the Windies, is a team representing the Caribbean region consisting of players selected from around 15 countries in the region who are also members of the ICC. Over the years, the West Indies cricket team has won major trophies, including the ICC Cricket World Cup, which they have won twice, the T20 and ICC Champions Trophy, among others.

New Zealand, popularly known as the Black Caps, is one of the 12 Full Members of the ICC. He made his Test debut in 1930 against England; They won a Test match until 1956, defeating the West Indies. New Zealand has played 426 Test matches with 92 wins and 170 losses. It created history in 2015 when it defeated South Africa in the ICC Cricket World Cup to enter the semi-finals of a major tournament.

The team will be given probationary status. During their early years in Tests, India were one of the weakest teams; He has just 35 from his first 196 Test matches. However, India rose to prominence in the 1970s, slowly rising in the cricketing world and becoming the best of the era. Cricket was invented in the south-east of England in the 16th century. It is the second most attractive sport in the world after football. In 1844, the first international meeting was held at St George’s Sports Club. Despite the fact that it was invented in England, it was not limited to England only, gradually all countries started playing cricket.

How Many Countries Play Cricket

The first Test match was played between Australia and England in 1877, England becoming the first team to play overseas. South Africa was the third country to gain Test status (1889). Test status was granted to India in 1932, New Zealand (in 1930) and West Indies (in 1928). Later in 1952 Pakistan got test status. There are currently 12 Test cricket playing nations – India, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Afghanistan, Ireland and Bangladesh.

Cricket Playing Countries In The World.

Especially in India, cricket is a religion which is celebrated like a festival. It brings together people from all walks of life and strengthens ties between people, regardless of religion, caste and colour, it unites us.

Earlier there were only 12 teams in cricket, now the number of teams has increased. Cricket is spreading rapidly in Europe and across Asia.

ICC (International Cricket Council) organizes qualifiers for each region of Africa, Asia, Europe and America to select the best team from each continent to compete in major ICC events like Cricket World Cup, ICC T20, World Cup ICC, Champions Trophy Compete in tournaments. etc. to play. I hope he plays with the 20th team in the near future.

The underdog currently plays and excels in the shortest format of the game (T20). It is great to see that people from all over the world are loving this game.

Cricketers Of Indian Origin Who Are Playing For Other Countries At The Moment

1. United Arab Emirates 2. Netherlands 3. Scotland 4. Nepal 5. Bhutan 6. Oman 7. China 8. Thailand 9. Japan 10. Qatar 11. Saudi Arabia 12. Kuwait 13. Malaysia 14. Singapore 15. Hongkong 16. New Pau 179. Pau. Bia 20. Canada 21. Kenya 22. Jersey 23. Denmark 24. Bermuda 25. Uganda 26. Italy 27. Germany 28. United States of America 29. Ghana 30. Guernsey 31. Botswana 32. Austria 33. Nigeria 33. Spain 33.4. 8. Philippines 39. Argentina 40. Vanuatu 41. Belize 42. Hungary 43. Malawi 44. Panama 45. Costa Rica 46. Peru 47. Czech Republic 48. Samoa 49. Mexico 50. Finland 51. South Korea 52. Portugal .5.5 . Men 56. Malta 57. Brazil 58. Mozambique 59. Sierra Leone 60. Maldives 61. Chile 62. Indonesia 63. Myanmar 64. Saint Helena 65. Gibraltar 66. Gambia 67. Rwanda 68. International Status Lesothoketsee (International Council of Lesothotest) C. A country or team can compete in Test cricket only after obtaining permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC currently recognizes 12 teams as eligible to compete in Test cricket.

Along with England, Australia was one of the first teams to qualify for the Test matches. On March 15, 1877, he faced England in his first Test match, which was played in Melbourne. Final score Australia won by 45 runs.

On 15 March 1877, the first Test match between the two countries England and Australia was played in Melbourne, Australia. The England team consists of players from England and Wales.

How Many Countries Play Cricket

On 15 March 1899, South Africa played their first Test match against England at Port Elizabeth. The match was South Africa’s first opportunity to compete at Test level. England won this match in eight balls within two days.

List Of English International Cricketers Born Outside Of England