Hindi Meaning Of Cricket – Do you want to know cricket name in Hindi? So today in this blog we are going to tell you what cricket is called in Hindi. And here we will tell you how cricket is called in Sanskrit and English in detail with its full meaning.

Cricket is a popular game in British Ireland. It is a team game played by two teams using sticks and a ball. In the history of cricket, it became the most popular game in India and today cricket is considered a symbol of excellence here.

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

The full name of cricket is “Commonwealth living in a cricket-loving country, rising to triumph”. However, this is a ridiculous simulation and you should not believe it.

Cricket Definition And Meaning

The full name of cricket in Hindi is Gol Gattam Lakadbagham De Dana Dan Parivartan. Apart from this, cricket is also known by many Hindi names which many people do not know. This is what I say for all of them.

Gol Gattam Lakdabagham De Dana Dan Competition. A long rod is a round object that is held and thrown. Gol Gattam Lakad Pattam De Dana Dan Competition. Long round body wrestling competition. Catch dandu maar mandu de dana and challenge.

It is called ‘Kandukkrida’ in Sanskrit. This word describes the essence of cricket and the importance of playing it.

Cricket started in England in the 18th century. At that time it was a game similar to badminton. Rules and regulations were developed by various organizations and over time cricket became a major sport.

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

How did cricket become a popular sport in India? (How did cricket become a popular sport in India?)

Cricket has become a popular game in India and the main reason for this is that Indian players know the game. The Indian cricket team has performed well in various international tournaments and won important titles. This game has become a huge source of entertainment among the Indian public and attracts people of all ages.

It is called “ball” in Hindi. During the game, this ball hits the ball.

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

It is called ‘Balla’ in Hindi. It is used to hit the ball during the game.

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It is called “Khel” in Hindi. It is a sports competition in which two teams compete against each other.

It is called “Maidan” in Hindi. He is the center of the home cricket game.

In Hindi it is called ‘gate’. It is a device that stops balls.

It is called ‘Tilki’ in Hindi. A small insect whose sound is heard at night. Ranji (Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar) was India’s first great cricketer. He played for England between 1896 and 1902 and was an officer in the British Army during the First World War.

Cricket In Hindi Meaning

Cricket is a popular game with a long history. It was invented in the 16th century in England, but it took a long time before the new rules came into use.

It is played between two teams of eleven players each. One team batting is trying to score runs while the other team is fielding and trying to prevent it. Runs are scored when a ball is bowled by a fielder of the opposing team to a fielder of the batting team, over the boundary or two players run to the end or between two wickets.

The wicket consists of three small wooden posts at each end of a short, 22-yard long area of ​​grass called the ‘pitch’. The court consists of a larger oval of grass called the “play area”. The field of play is a 30-yard circle on a football field or stadium.

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

A rival team can try to get to the “outside” players in a number of ways. When a player leaves, he is replaced on the field by a teammate. If there are not two “non-eligible” players left to score, then the other team gets a chance to try to score a goal. In short cricket matches, a team may have to stop batting when the ball hits a fielder several times. With both teams having good chances, the team won more runs.

What Is 3t Cricket? Cricket Match With 3 Teams

The game became popular in England at the age of 10. The first reference to the sport is in 1598. in a court case.

Guildford Crown Court heard that fifty years ago, John Derrick, the coroner, “he and his sundry friends [were] running and playing cricket in [the common field]”.

Today it is a popular sport in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies and other countries such as Afghanistan, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland, Netherlands and including Zimbabwe.

Two teams: There are 11 players on the court. A playing team consists of two players, one at each end of the court (sometimes called the goal).

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The captain of a baseball team selects a team from his team; the other players are called “wilders”.

The batsman tries to prevent the wicket from hitting the ball. He does it with a bat. When he hits the ball with the bat, he can run to the next wicket.

When a swimmer leaves, another takes the stage in his place. An innings ends when ten wickets are taken (ie. After that, the team that is the ‘scoring’ team becomes the ‘hitting’ team. They must score more runs than they score, if the other team scores more runs than ten wickets are taken, they win. If not, the other team wins.

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

In a one-day game, each side has one innings and the innings is limited to a certain number of innings. In the longer formats, each side has two innings and there is no specific limit on the number of overs.

Cricket Ground Light, क्रिकेट मैच के दौरान मैदान की बत्ती गुल, मचा बवाल

Countries where cricket is most popular are international matches (matches between countries) lasting up to 5 days, called test matches. These countries are England, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The West Indies are a group of Caribbean countries that play together as a team. Some other countries have younger standards. The concept of Test cricket was invented in the 19th century by teams from England and Australia. Ireland and Afghanistan were the last teams to play Test cricket.

Cricket is played in Kenya, Canada, Bermuda, Scotland, Holland and Namibia; the national teams of those countries can play one-day internationals but not test matches.

A typical cricket field showing the cricket pitch (brown), infield (medium green) 15 yards (13.7 m) from the ball, infield (medium green) circled white 30 yards (27.4 m) and out. (dark green), with visual barriers on each side.

Cricket is played on the cricket ground. Round or oval shaped meadows. There are no fixed measurements on the site. Its diameter ranges from 450 feet (137 m) to 500 feet (152 m).

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Test matches are the highest level international matches between countries. The main purpose of Test cricket is to test young players. Countries allowed to play test matches are approved by ICC: International Cricket Council. There are twelve countries below, including “West Indies”, so “England” is a country. Tests last up to five days (that’s why people call it “5-day cricket.”) and can end in a draw: it’s the longest form of cricket.

Counties of England are named, as well as states of Australia and islands of the West Indies. These games last four days, but are sometimes played over three days.

A visual view of the cricket pitch from the player’s end. A bowler runs past one edge of the wicket behind it, either ‘over’ the wicket or ‘around’ the wicket.

Hindi Meaning Of Cricket

In these matches, the duration is determined by the number of overs and each side has only one over. A special method called the “Duckworth-Lewis System (DLS)” is used if the match is shortened by rain. It reads the number chosen by the team batting second in a limited overs match affected by weather or other conditions.

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ODIs are usually limited to 50 overs per side and each player can bowl a maximum of 10 overs. The highest score is England 481-6 against Australia in 2018. June 19

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