Cricket World – As the focus shifts from the Border Gabasca Trophy and Test cricket to the One Day International, the issue of endangered species status granted to international limits is once again in the spotlight. Some within the cricket community even raise alarm bells about the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Could the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup be the last? Can One Day International ever end? These are not gloomy rumours, but serious debates and discussions that take place when India take Australia in the 50th over.

Cricket World

Cricket World

Speculation about the once enigmatic format is so strong that there are even stories that the ICC Cricket World Cup, known as the traditional Cricket World Cup, may never see the light of day after a run or two.

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This is not the first time that One Day International’s fate has been discussed with warnings of a dire situation. So why is it so serious? Or should I take it seriously enough?

The ICC Cricket World Cup returns to India. The platform couldn’t be louder for viewers, the audience that is the barometer of where things are. This means that it cannot be because the sparse crowds for Test cricket narrow consumer attention as ODI has now lost its place in the cricket schedule.

There are several factors that influence the creation of a particular sport. Prior to the Twenty20 format, ODIs were the sport’s bread and butter, also known as the Colorful Circus at the time.

It is a testament to the spirit of survival that one day the International had to undergo changes to keep up with the times and allow for experimentation, which fell to the ground but still allowed to retain its place on the calendar. There is no doubt that ODI, once the epitome of the limited overs format, is the conduit bridging the gap between the slap-dash affair that is Twenty20 and the temperament test that is Test cricket.

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Former cricketers like Ravi Shastri are right when they say that the game needs to adapt to the times, citing the example of the day when international players already went through a revision from 60 overs to 50 overs when they hit base from the subcontinent. Time is running out for both lunch and tea.

Over time, One Day International has been experimented with, sometimes rather crudely, sometimes at a domestic level, without providing real tests, making it difficult to apply the rules in real time. One of the things that survived was the power play, but while the power play was incorporated into the Twenty20, the One Day International bears little resemblance to the Twenty20.

They seem to have more in common with Test cricket in terms of building innings, adapting to lively action or incorporating strategy and pushing when it matters.

Cricket World

However, the cancellation of the Twenty20 series of either one day international or bilateral series has a much deeper meaning. First, it’s the only time the team plays as a unit, and as the World Cup approaches, you won’t want to be seen as lacking.

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Second, they provide context to the World Cup, which is nothing more than an exhibition given the disparity in quality and exposure between the various teams.

Third, and more importantly, from a global cricket perspective, the governing body of the ICC relies on the World Cup to raise funds to support the development of the sport. The World Cup is the Associate Nations’ only chance to make a name for themselves, and their main goal is to represent their country in the much more difficult entry, Test cricket.

Without a World Cup or bilateral series, the ICC is limited to organizing exhibitions. Hence the ODI issue. They don’t fit the Test mold in terms of their traditional responsibilities, and they don’t mind Twenty20 being given World Cup-worthy format status, nor are they one of those rude groups who don’t mind being reduced to simply being local. or club format. Approach and serve the lowest common denominator purpose.

ODIs require more than just 10 more shaves. Some of the previous changes have been brutal, inappropriate and sometimes rushed due to the lack of time for improvements that domestic tournaments can allow, while ODIs need leverage to improve the nuances that make them unique.

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ODIs allow far more time than Twenty20 for the defending team to recover from an onslaught or batting time to get into firing position. In the middle, there is a space to slow down the game or constantly select the scorecard. The end is all about the art of bowling death and the finisher.

Twenty20 matches some of these variables, but it’s either too fast to implement changes or too quick to pick up subtle ones.

It’s amazing that players personally have no problem playing the format. How the cricket calendar came to be could tell more about whether the format is dying a slow and unpredictable demise or enjoying a resurgence of interest. Perhaps a better balance is needed, starting with the intervals between World Cups and increasing those intervals.

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To this end, the ICC has tried to generate interest in ODI league competitions. Here, after a team has reached points, they have to climb up to points to automatically qualify for the next edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup. South Africa has recently been the subject of this challenge, but a more rigorous approach to tour planning is needed to ensure that cricket fans as a whole are aware of the general situation and can focus on the competition.

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Players like Ben Stokes are often cited as reasons why cricket should limit the format, but players like Ben Stokes make the argument even more difficult. Stokes’ retirement from one day international cricket made waves.

However, this is not the only criterion for winning or losing a one-day game. Several factors are involved in these decisions in the modern era, including mental makeup, personal preference, and the demand for talent in a particular format or league.

Some players have given up on Twenty20 cricket to extend their Test careers and ODIs have become an easier platform to continue playing the game.

While the one-day international debate revolves around the fact that the international cricket schedule is full and something has to be given, one-day internationals are a revolution in the sport in and of themselves, but there has been no such godfather. Twenty20 helps you create club and franchise games of the type you have, so you can get started easily the first time.

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In this regard, even T20 seems to have lost its place on the calendar worthy of a seven-match bilateral series or triangular series with one-day internationals as part of a scheduled bilateral tour.

It has also been suggested that Twenty20 would be best left in the burgeoning league, as most teams currently play the mandatory three-match series in one-day internationals or 20-man internationals, depending on how close the World Cup is. luxury in both.

The ICC Twenty20 World Cup, now scheduled every two years, has effectively closed the door on one-day competitions and their ability to maintain intensity, but the logic is understandable. to. Twenty20 earns while playing roulette with different cricket boards for each season.

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Schedule overload looks better than chopping or chopping in some cases.

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Twenty20 by now has also progressed, but it has held up against the background noise of a hundred in England who have not been caught as cash cows as well as T10 tournaments.

With calls for one-day internationals now down to 40 overs per side and more relevant for two-way tours, the question is whether this is the only lifeline for one-day internationals to survive and thrive in the game. Or a warning to T20 to end all sports like the old ODIs rather than perish or think that is all. ICC M’s Cricket World 2023

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