Cricket In Hindi Name – What English words like cricket, bus, train, mobile, jacket, cigarette and ambulance are called in Hindi? What is the Hindi name of cricket? ,

We can guarantee that you don’t know what cricket is called in Hindi. but this time we

Cricket In Hindi Name

Cricket In Hindi Name

It will give you complete information about some of these words that you would only learn in English.

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In many cities in India, people use Hindi in conversation. And more than half of the people in India use Hindi for conversation. The national language of our country is Hindi. Many people in India say that we use Hindi words completely. But those people don’t know that most of the words that we use in our daily life are derived from English and Urdu languages. Which I will give you complete information about in this post.

People in your life use many English words. You will be surprised to know the meaning of those English words in Hindi.

How to play cricket and it is popular in many cities in India you can see its madness in every world cup or IPL but why people in India call cricket in Hindi which is the spoken language of India. This question must have crossed your mind at one point or another.

Tell me about this in detail. You may not know this, one of the reasons for this is that it is very difficult to say the meaning of cricket in Hindi, which not everyone can say, but Hindi speakers use these words well.

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Today, apart from cricket, I will give you information about other words you don’t know in Hindi, train, mobile, jacket, cigarette, petrol, ambulance, shirt, movies and more. Read More – These 10 Apps For IPL Cricket Live Match Show You Indian Matches. happens, then be sure to read our article (blog) to the end.

Because in this article, answering your questions, we will provide you complete information related to this topic, what is Cricket, who invented it, what is its history and much more, and that’s why stay with us till the end. Stay connected.

Friends, the game of cricket started about one hundred and fifty (150) years ago and this game has become the most loved and played game in India, this game is not only played in India but also in many countries of the world. Very common in India.

Cricket In Hindi Name

Many adults also live around the world with this game. If you want to get complete information about Indian cricket, then you have come to the right place.

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Because in our today’s article we will provide you complete information related to this topic and we promise that after reading this article you will not go anywhere else to read about the game of cricket.

Although the game of cricket is known by many names in the Indian language, the game of cricket is known by these 5 names in the Indian language.

Cricket is mostly known by these names in India, but the test match is also known as Pakad Dundu Mar Mandu De Dana Dan Competition.

Although the game of cricket is an English game, that’s why it doesn’t have a proper name in the Indian language. But in India, every English word has its own meaning in Hindi, as we told you above that the meaning of the word Cricket is also studied in Hindi.

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But we want to give you information regarding the above mentioned names that these five names are not 100% correct.

People who know Hindi language have shared these five names with other people, that’s why there is no clear proof of this information.

But friends, anyway, in this part of our article, we have told you how the game of cricket is called in Hindi (Cricket game in India) or what is the translation of cricket in Hindi.

Cricket In Hindi Name

Now that you got the answer to your question, I will give you more important information about this game.

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Friends, we want to tell you that cricket ball is called “kubat” in Hindi language.

Many people have also asked another question related to the word cricket, so I will give you the answer to that question as well.

Many cricket lovers and cricket connoisseurs are very interested to know who invented the game of cricket or in which country invented the game of cricket.

Many of you are also searching this question repeatedly on Google or other search engines and that’s why we want to provide you complete information regarding this question.

Name This Cricket In Hindi Language

The game of cricket was invented in Newden, Kent, by Prince Edward, son of King Edward I, in 1301, the same century that Edward first played the game of cricket.

After that, in 1727, Charles Lennox and Allan Broderick first wrote down the rules of the game of cricket. Cricket was invented or discovered in England 400 years ago, England’s national game is also cricket.

Many of you said tell me Indian cricket team, these are international cricket team names. Australia, India, New Zealand, England, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Indies, Ireland, etc.

Cricket In Hindi Name

The reason people are interested in the 400-year-old game is the history of the game itself.

Cricket In Hindi Name

The history of the game of cricket is very interesting and full of ups and downs. This game dates back to the 16th century.

Back then this game was called “Cracket”. When this game started, it was not played with a rubber ball or a leather ball or a synthetic ball.

At that time, this game was played with balls made of wool, while the bat was not made of wood and plastic, then a wooden stick was also made for this game.

Great Britain is said to be the birthplace of cricket, many people love cricket since the time of England and that is why this game has also become the national game of England as its popularity is very high among people. Many:

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In today’s times, there will be very few people who can live without watching cricket. Nowadays, people like to watch T20 more because it involves four and six overs.

While Tests have their thrills, huge scores are also being scored in ODIs these days. More than 400 runs were scored by the teams and more than 400 chases were made. Now you have to understand why this game is so popular, this secret is hidden in its history.

British colonial countries are considered the reason why people love this game. In the country of the world ruled by Britain, this game was very popular there and because of that people from other countries started playing this game.

Cricket In Hindi Name

Apart from Britain, this game is also very popular in countries like West Indies, Australia, India, New Zealand etc. and many players from these countries are also playing this game.

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In 1990, the International Cricket Council, called the “Imperial Cricket Conference”, was established.

After 1991, the name of the cricket association was changed to “International Cricket Council” (ICC).

Because of this association cricket is played all over the world, this association organizes major tournaments and this association also honors the selected players.

The first international cricket match took place in 1844 between Canada and the United States of America. British Virginia’s first international cricket

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