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Cricket is a game that requires the use of a bat and a ball. It is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world. The game consists of two teams of 11 players each. The main goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. It is played on a well maintained field for the same purpose. Cricket is very popular in England and India. There are many opportunities in cricket that give players a chance to earn good money. There is no single format of cricket, but many. Likewise, each format has its own set of rules and duration.

Cricket Essay In Hindi

Cricket Essay In Hindi

Since there are different formats of cricket, each has different fans. Some people love to watch Test matches because of their intensity and honesty. And some people like 20 and 20, who want to participate a little and it’s very interesting. A Test match is the standard format of cricket.

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It lasts for five days and in this game two countries play against each other. Next we have the National League system, also known as counties in England. Its duration is three to four days.

Over-the-counter cricket is another variation where the number of overs determines the format and length of the game. Both the teams play the same innings and that is how the result is decided.

However, if it is raining, they use the Duck Worth–Lewis method to get the results. One of the most common formats is the One Day International, also known as ODI. The two countries play each other in fifty overs. Finally, it is the most entertaining format of Twenty20 cricket. There are a total of 20 overs to be played and it is exciting and attractive.

Although hockey is the national sport, cricket rules the hearts of the citizens. This causes excitement and frenzy among the fans of the game. Cricket in India is like a religion and the players are considered gods. It is the most popular game in India and people even remember their schools and offices when there is a big international game.

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The unbridled interest in cricket has proved dangerous for cricketers many times. Moreover, fans risk everything to show their anger or love. Cricket unites Indians like nothing else, from children to adults; Whenever the Indian team plays, everyone always looks at the cricket scores.

People all over the world love cricket in different ways. Even business tycoons are now investing in this game to cash in on the popularity.

The cricket board is taking various steps to make the game more interesting by organizing the Indian Premier League and so on. In short, it is safe to say that cricket is not just a game but an emotion in our country. It brings people together for good. It also strengthens our relations with other countries and promotes the spirit of sportsmanship.

Cricket Essay In Hindi

Tags: 10 lines on Cricket Essay Cricket Essay Cricket Essay Cricket Essay Cricket Essay Cricket is the best way to train your body and mind. Sports bring us the idea of ​​playing, winning or competing. Sports are an important part of our lives. By playing games we learn a lot and also have fun. Each of us has different sports. Some of us like to play games inside and some of us like to play games outside. Playing helps to achieve health and fitness for our body and mind.

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I hope these essays, provided by me in different word lengths, will help you better understand your favorite game.

Short and long essay on my favorite sport (Short and long essay on my favorite sport in Hindi, Mera Pasandida Khel par Nibandh Hindi mein) Essay 1 (250 words) – My favorite sport is badminton

Sports play a very important role in the development of our mind and body. Sports activities lead a person to complete development. We see that even in schools, the schedule includes two to three games a week, keeping in mind the need for games and studies. By playing sports, we become healthy and slim.

I usually play games at home like carrom, chess, ludo, etc. Playing these games with my sisters is my favorite thing at home. Sometimes we also adjust the prize or the winning price after winning the game.

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My favorite sport among all sports is badminton. It was winter when my mother called us early in the morning to go for a walk and study. Since I could not study in the morning, I decided to play badminton in the morning. This proved to be a great exercise for me to stay healthy. I also struggle with mood swings and this game has brought me great relief.

Because I practiced well, I was selected for my school’s badminton team. I feel very strong after playing badminton. I played for my school many times and won awards. I loved this sport and so I would reach the badminton court on time to play with my friends.

Sports are necessary for good health. When we play sports outside, it improves our fitness and exercises our muscles.

Cricket Essay In Hindi

It is said that in order to fully develop a child or a person, it is necessary for the mind and body to be healthy. Exercise helps us to gain physical and mental strength. We have seen that many people have made successful careers in sports. Many people are in the habit of exercising regularly. Like studying and other activities, we also need games.

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I play many sports like chess, carrom and basketball. But most of all I love hockey. Hockey is a game that keeps us on our toes until the very end. This game requires focus and concentration while playing. This game is played by two teams. Both teams play to score against the other team. I also like watching hockey games on TV. We have played many games organized in our areas.

Hockey is played by two teams, each team consisting of 11 players. All players play with the spirit of scoring goals. They pass the ball to the opposing team to score points. This game is played on a grass field. One team of 11 players consists of 10 players on the field and one player as a goalkeeper who protects the goal. Team players must move the ball towards the opposing team to score points. Players must not handle the ball with their hands or feet and must only use a stick. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands, feet, etc. etc. The referee’s decision is final for all matches. The player and the team are penalized for mistakes.

Hockey is an international sport and is played all over the world. This is the national sport of India. There are many amazing hockey players in our country. Our country’s national team has won Olympic medals and many other trophies in hockey.

It is very sad to say that the growth and popularity of this sport has declined over the years. Hockey does not enjoy the same support in India as other sports like cricket. In our country, no one pays attention to the development of this game. We don’t even have the best venues and playing fields to support and train candidates. Since this sport has a rich history and is also our national sport,

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