Cricket Banner Background – You can continue your marketing trial with fourteen featured images or upgrade and enjoy a special offer for the first month: TWO designs for one price, 30 images of

SGD from 26 July 2023 every month or when you download. In use, downloads are performed immediately until canceled. You can stop the renewal at any time by managing the payment, on your behalf, where you can start the renewal and the time.

Cricket Banner Background

Cricket Banner Background

This license extends our Royalty Free/Editorial license to unlimited sites in one organization. An access license is included in the standard Free-Registration/Publisher license that grants rights to one person at one company. The U-EL license is for use only by employees of the organization holding the account. The number of copies allowed is unlimited per creator/employee.

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Electronic Resale/Distribution: this license includes the right to use the material in mass-market web templates, screensavers, e-cards, powerpoint presentations or mobile phone movies. The maximum number of electronic items is unlimited (according to the maximum use of each type).

This license covers the rights included in the standard license – Royalty Free. Note that some restrictions still apply.

Visual material for resale / distribution: includes the right to use the images or style posted in the media on t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, pads, posters, calendars, limited edition prints, which can be sold to other customers for an unlimited number of times. examples (of each sentence).

This license means an exclusive right to use the downloaded media, but this exclusivity will last only for a specified period of time. The customer can use exclusive tools (exclusivity applies from the moment the file is obtained using this license) for a certain period of time, and includes in any plan a few restrictions: sensitive subjects can work with the customer. do not claim that the file was created by him or cut it as his work [photo/media].

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Immediately after the customer deletes the license image. The client will be required to permanently disable the post in all other places where he can sell immediately after the sale, but not more than 72 hours. Sponsor acknowledges and agrees to grant Customer the exclusive right to use the file obtained using SR-EL1 or SR-EL3 licenses, for a limited period of time.

The length of the exclusivity period depends on the license chosen. The SR-EL1 will provide exclusive access to the equipment for one year. Similarly, the SR-EL3 will grant an exclusive right to use the image for three years. The track for both license runs is unlimited and continues after the special release. At the end of the special period, the customer’s license will continue as before, with all the same rights, except for special rights, and the image will be added to the library repeatedly. is available to all users for purchase. After a special period, Sponsor will be free to offer downloadable materials on other sites where Sponsor sells their materials.

This license represents full ownership of the downloaded media. The customer can only use them (exceptions are used since the file is received to use this license; the customer must take into account the power of past downloads, the media created and by choosing or researching another support method), and include in every form a policy with few restrictions: sensitive topics can still work and the customer does not have to state that the file was created by him or to terminate his work. Equipment management will immediately notify the customer of this malfunction. The donor must permanently disable the file in all other places where it can be sold immediately after the sale is made, but no later than 72 hours. This license is given only to the customer, so the Participant must remember that special tools by using concepts, models, clothes and objects that provide a unique creative message and a small variation of the image (variation in the camera angle, the model’s posture or body movement, for example) do not create other different images. All such changes to the concept and message of devices sold under SR-EL must be removed from sale. They accept the price and agree to provide the customer with full ownership of the acquired license to use SR-EL.

Cricket Banner Background

Live cricket banner or poster design, View ball, bat, stump and gold cup on cricket field.

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Live cricket smiley banner or poster design, close up view of a cricketer with a medal in a winning match at night.