Cricket Academy – The Singapore Cricket Academy (SCA) was established to provide a high performance program for emerging talent as well as basic coaching courses to the community by qualified and experienced SCA coaches. The SCA Cricket Academy will design programs throughout the year to suit all levels and age groups of cricketers. SCA Cricket Academy will also cater to the needs of the corporate community by providing customized cricket coaching courses for groups and specialized high performance training for companies and institutions.

Youth cricket is about fun, enjoyment, friendship, participation, skill development and competition. The player development path consists of stages that allow young players to develop the skills and values ​​of the game and make the transition from youth to adult cricket. Young players progress along the way at different speeds. As a national organization, we track players from youth to adults through our paths.

Cricket Academy

Cricket Academy

SCA Cricket Academy has designed a unique youth clinic on Saturdays where children of different age groups will receive personalized professional training from our experienced coaches. The youth clinic program will cater to the needs of budding players as well as beginners who are passionate about playing cricket under the supervision of our professional coaching team. The youth clinic will operate for different age groups (U10, U13, U15 and 17) for both boys and girls. The CricKingdom Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma was launched by the player’s younger brother Vishal Sharma at St Patrick’s School on January 11.

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“Rohit’s cricket schools in Vellore, Chennai, Hubli, Mumbai and Pune in India are doing well,” said Chetan Suryavanshi, CEO of CricKingdom and former captain of the Singapore national team. “What started in Singapore is a first outside India.

Rohit is part of the CricKingdom management team and will share personal lessons when he takes a break from representing the Indian national team. He has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum and has entrusted his brother with the task of closely monitoring the development of the players. assigned.”

22 coaches from India and Singapore will train the players aged 5 to 36, 4 days a week in the morning and evening.

“Our good thing is that our coaches are first class or national level players,” Chetan said. “The facilities at St Patrick’s are also top class. The involvement of Rohit and Vishal adds added value.” So far 210 athletes have joined the school.

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St. Patrick’s director Mark Minzoot said, “I was impressed with the organization, training program and quality of the coaches.”

“I’m sure this will help improve the standards of players in not only the school team but the wider community. Cricket is good for building social relationships and learning about other cultures.”

The school, which has a three-year contract to use the St Patrick’s facilities, will also coach the school’s players. “We are in the process of signing former Indian batting coach Sanjay Bangar and former Sri Lankan Test players Marvan Atapattu and Rangana Herath,” Chetan said. “They will soon start conducting master classes in batting and bowling.”

Cricket Academy

Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Cricket Association V.P. According to Jothi, the launch of the Rohit Sharma Academy is “part of the continued development of cricket in Singapore”.

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“We have a platform that will help more players break into the national team,” he added. “Whenever Rohit has time, he will visit Singapore and share his views and experiences with the players.” Singapore, home to around ten cricket academies, over 1500 junior and a few senior cricketers, is attracting a lot of attention from the biggest names in Indian cricket.

Consecutively, MS Dhoni Cricket Academy in January 2018, followed by New Age Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma backed by CricKingdom headquartered in Singapore in January 2020, joined the senior coaching academies in India to fulfill the dream of most foreign kids.

We are not complaining. This gave us an opportunity to connect with two legends of cricket in Singapore.

The MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Singapore (MSDCAS), which was launched with an exclusive arrangement with CricKingdom, recently decided to split and join Dharmichand Mulewa and Sarika Shiv Prasad in supporting the cricket academy.

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MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Singapore, launched in 2018, has parted ways with CricKingdom and partnered with Sportigo Cricket Academy. Photo: Facebook/MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Singapore

The MSDCAS FB post cited the reason for the change as an attempt to move to the “next level” and the verbal advice, which comes from MS Dhoni himself, is “some tough advice moving forward”, without giving further details.

In addition, the post stated, “Due to space challenges we are also moving out of St. Patrick’s School and opening our operations at four locations instead of two.”

Cricket Academy

Our multiple attempts to get clarification from Academia7, the company that handles the cricket business of MS Dhoni, were unsuccessful.

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Dharmichand Mulewa, who was seen captaining the Emerging Stars team in the SCCT20Cup played a few years ago, and Sarikaprasad have experience of domestic and international cricket.

Left: Sarika Shiv Prasad international umpire. Right: Rajasthan-born spinner and batsman, Dharmichand Mulewa played for the Singapore national team. Before moving to Singapore, he played for the Indian state of Karnataka at the under-16, under-19 and under-22 levels, playing in the 2001 Ranji Trophy for India Under-19s and three Test matches. Photo: Facebook

CricKingdom, founded by one of Singapore’s most respected cricketers and former captain of the Singapore national cricket team, Chetan Suryavanshi, has joined hands with ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma & Co.

With Rohit’s younger brother Vishal Sharma in Singapore, he is exclusively set to debut with Hitman-backed CricKingdom, which will continue to operate from St. Patrick.

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View this post on Instagram We are very proud to announce the launch of our CricKingdom Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma on 9th January at St. Patrick’s. Rohit Sharma’s brother Mr. Vishal Sharma will come to Singapore and start running our school. Come be a part of the fastest growing cricket platform across the globe. Experience the best class cricket coaching and facilities. register now! #bestinclass #allaboutcricket #endorsedcurriculum #certifiedcoaches #crickingdom #hitman #rohitsharmacricketacademy #talkintown #singapore #india #indonesia #unitedkingdom #australia #europe A post shared by Cricking70pm on Jan 2, 2018 ST

Speaking exclusively to Connected to India, Chetan and Vishal shared the curriculum and said, “The student to instructor ratio in Singapore will be 10:1 and we start them from the age of 5, so when they are 13 years old, they have a good foundation in the fundamentals.”

Vishal Sharma, hitman Rohit Sharma’s younger brother and a cricketer himself and former captain of the Singapore National Cricket Team at St Patrick’s School in Singapore, both sports kits with the new CricKingdom logo. Photo: Connect India

Cricket Academy

It will be interesting to see how the cricket-coaching war unfolds in a country where more than 100 cricket clubs are constantly trying to book the available space, where securing a 22-yard pitch is more than a full-sized ground. Never mind, it’s a challenge.

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Singapore cricket is on a high at the moment and the national cricket team beat Zimbabwe, a team that participated in an international cricket tournament and created history by entering the World Qualifier for the first time in the ICC T20 World Cup.

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Cricket Academy

Cricket has been India’s favorite sport for a long time. The passion for sports is increasing every day with new sports formats like IPL. People started taking up cricket as a career and many parents wanted a familiar face as a coach. The West Delhi Cricket Academy became popular after Virat Kohli’s performance in the national cricket team and people saw what he did with cricket teams around the world.

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People expect a recognized face as their coach, whether he is a former cricketer or has played for the country. Suddenly the interest of people started increasing in the West Cricket Academy in Delhi. This creates a huge demand for various cricket clubs and coaching centres. It is said that the coach there is very strict and will make