Limeprobet – Owners of illegal betting sites & Lotus247 arrested in Hyderabad People forget that offline betting is still illegal in India.

Online betting has become a widespread phenomenon these days. The growing interest among Indians in sports betting has resulted in the emergence of legal and illegal betting sites in the country. While many legal sportsbooks operate online, many illegal manufacturers have also entered the market. According to the General Gambling Act of 1867, sports betting or any other form of gambling is illegal in India. Recently, the owners of the legal betting site were arrested for organizing illegal betting activities in their home. They also managed several illegal websites.



The owners of Mahadevbook were providing IDs and Passwords to punters through various fake and illegal websites. They assume a minimum bet and a minimum bet for each user ID and password. In fact, reaches out to punters through Facebook, Instagram pages and a punter-friendly Telegram group. Four of the accused were arrested, the other three went into hiding. 8, 65, 000 betting amount, cell phones, laptops, debit cards of several banks, betting tables etc. they were occupied by the forces of the plan.

Discover A New Era Of Betting With 1xbet! offers betting on various online and offline sports including Dean Patti, Cricket, Online Casino Games, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Boxing and more. This illegal betting gang had more than 500 bettors who bet on various sports.

These illegal betting laws were established by Tahahuddin, Azam Khan, Khaja Azim Ahmed and Mohammad Shahzaib. The owners of Mahadev Book ran an online gambling den from a home in Hyderabad. Some of their other sites are –

Mahadevbook team members provided user IDs and passwords to those who wanted to play online. ID cards were available for only 24 hours, and the gang made huge amounts of money in commissions. The North Zone Task Force raided his residence at Langar House in Hyderabad and arrested four members of the gang. The businessman also received around Rs 8.65 lakh from his house.

They are working on multiple Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts to reach punters. After the arrest, the owners of Mahadevbook or King Exchange admitted their illegal involvement in online betting. Their transactions on these illegal betting websites are handled through multiple bank accounts. Any customer who wants to play has 24/7 online IT services to pay. If the player wins, the winning amount will be transferred to his account in online mode. This is how they used illegal online betting websites to make their illegal money.

Cricket Betting Id

Although the game has always been a part of Indian history, players must know the rules before playing on any website. Many people are very confused by the betting and gambling laws in India. When it comes to sports betting (except horse racing betting), it is illegal in India. To better understand gambling/betting laws in India, read the points given below. is an illegal betting site as per Indian gambling laws. This gang has surrounded many players but no one can affect the complaint against the owners of The reason is that you cannot file a complaint against an illegal mortgage site in India. A police task force got up on a tip-off about illegal betting and raided his home. However, if you are playing in a legitimate and licensed casino, you can easily file a complaint against the operator.

To ensure that your gambling experience is not spoiled because of an unfair betting site, we have prepared some simple steps for you to consider before playing.