Ipl Today Match 2023 Scorecard – Highlights GT vs MI, IPL 2023 Qualifying 2 cricket match: Giles Hundred, Mohitzu Fivefell lead Gujarat to IPL 2023 final

Highlights GT vs MI, IPL 2023 qualifier 2 cricket match: Giles Hundred, Mohitzu Fivefell lead Gujarat to his IPL 2023 final

Ipl Today Match 2023 Scorecard

Ipl Today Match 2023 Scorecard

Highlights GT vs MI, GT vs MI: The Gujarat Titans will be his third team to make consecutive IPL final appearances after CSK and MI. GT defeated Mumbai Indians by 62 points in qualifying 2. Shubman Gill scored 129 runs in the first round and Gujarat reached their target of 234 runs. Twice, Gujarat’s bowling attack put in a phenomenal performance. Mohit Sharma took 5 wickets from 2.2 overs and conceded only 10. The Gujarat Titans will face the Chennai Super Kings in the 2023 IPL Finals on Sunday (May 28).

Today Ipl Match 2023 Score Live

Then there were two! At this point, qualifying 2 was over, and only the final remained. The glamorous tournament will carry on as it started with Chennai taking on Gujarat in the grand final on Sunday 28th May in Ahmedabad. The first game of the season was between these two teams, at the same venue, and perhaps a fitting match for the season finale. The match will start at 19:30 IST (14:00 GMT), but as usual our preparations start earlier. Please join us. Until then, take care goodbye!

Shubman Gill is the best player of his remarkable century. All that matters to him is playing ball-to-ball and staying on top, he said. He claims that when he hit his 6 in the over his third, he realized that today was his day and he needed to make the most of it. He said he is continuing his practice and trying to develop as a cricketer, player and batsman. He thinks it will come in handy after a good international season, and once started, he says it could last. He feels things have changed after the West Indies tour and injury and has decided to make some technical changes ahead of the T20 World Cup. He advises that when you’re off the ropes, expectations are a factor, but when you’re down, try to give your 100% and try to keep your intensity to the end. He concluded that it was India’s best innings in the T20 league so far.

Gujarat captain Hardik Pandya said their victory was a reflection of the enormous effort required. He said that Shubman Gill’s clarity this year has been astonishing, and that his jab in this match was one of the best he’s ever seen, and that Gill is a superstar and the franchise and India’s best. He continued to think that he would do a great job for the sake of others. He added that his job was simple: keep the kids positive. He says that when things go wrong, Rashid Khan comes along and does the job admirably. He maintains that they just want to play good cricket, excited and happy for the boys, regardless of the outcome.

Mohit Sharma, who showed a great performance in bowling, will appear in the talk. He says he’s kind of lucky to have a ticket gate. He said he was skating well and at one point he was worried because his opponents seemed to be on track to beat Tilak Varma and Suryakumar Yadav. He explains that he didn’t want to experiment in front of Suryakumar Yadav and long balls even though they picked six. He added that he felt more confident of winning after Suryakumar Yadav came out. He concluded by stating that he was sure of his final appearance only after the last wicket had fallen.

Gt Vs Csk Ipl Live Score 2023 Updates: Gujarat Titans Win By Five Wickets

Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma said it was a great result for Gujarat, adding that Shubman Gill hit very well. He thinks they allowed another 20 to 25 runs, but was very positive in terms of hitting lineup. He claims that Cameron Green and Suryakumar Yadav hit well at center but got lost in running chases. He claims they had talked about making good shots and being positive, but the power play didn’t work out as he lost several wickets. He went on to say that they were unable to build momentum and that Suryakumar Yadav was right to keep them in the game, but he needed someone to go deep. Thank you Gujarat for playing well. When asked about Ishan Kishan, he said he had a concussion and that a last-minute substitution wasn’t ideal, but that as a team we have to adapt to different situations. He said he didn’t want to watch the match and that they didn’t play well enough to win the match. He says there have been positives, such as playing in the qualifiers and finishing third in the tournament alongside batting. He added that the young players are doing well so they can try what the team can do next season. He said every bowling his team was challenged and last time he had a great bowling performance but it all depends on Shubman his gil and hopes he can continue in that form. increase. He said Tim had a role to play throughout the season and where he would be at bat, but Vishnu was a good player and had a chance, so he didn’t want to consider the misjudgment as to why Gujarat came out on top. concluded.

Early in the game, Rohit Sharma won the toss, putting Gujarat at bat for a wicket that hadn’t been seen for some time. Gujarat got off to a good start with the bat but lost Ridiman Saha just after a power play. A sensational 138-run close then ensued between Shubman Gill and Sai Sudarsan, with the hosts taking the lead. Gill scored 300 points in the final four innings and ended up with a season-high 129 points. Sudarsan also hit well and Hardik Pandya finished the inning gracefully. For Mumbai, there wasn’t much to say about bowling other than Jason Behlendorf bowling with a very cheap spell and Kumar Kartikeya doing well in two overs. Going into the chase, it was a back and forth in the first half, but in the second half of the chase, Gujarat possessed their bowling skills and were able to completely derail Mumbai’s innings.

Mumbai’s glorious run came to an end after failing to advance to the Grand Finals after falling short in the second qualifying round. Chasing 234 points, Mumbai had an injury problem that forced them to use impact player Nehal Wadela at the top. Neither he nor Rohit Sharma started, and even Cameron Green was forced off with a bang in his left elbow. Tilak Varma and Suryakumar Yadav established themselves as strong players, but were forced out just as Varma was on top form. Yadav continued to attack from the edge, and Green returned to the plate to support Yadav for a while. As the ball changed, Mumbai began to self-destruct with the bat. They went from 5-for-155 to him 9-for-162 in no time, until they were completely exhausted, leaving the likes of Tim David and Vishnu Vinod unable to shoot.

Ipl Today Match 2023 Scorecard

Mohit Sharma took the final wicket at 18.2 to take the Gujarat Titans to his IPL final in 2023, where they won the second qualifying match by 62 runs. Mohit Sharma took 5 wickets and conceded only 10 in 2.2 overs.

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Gujarat advances to the finals! A great performance by the home side and Gujarat state did what Mumbai did in Lucknow and they were on their way to victory here too. Gujarat won a huge sum on the board thanks to the masterclass by Shubman his Gill above. And Mohammad Shammi made a perfect start with the ball, taking some wickets early on. They conceded a few more goals from there, but Rashid Khan held off Tilak Varma, who had been on fire until then, with the last ball of a power play. They didn’t take many wickets in midfield, but things changed when Joshua Little and Mohit Sharma came into the bowling. They took one wicket under little pressure, but it was Sharma who cast a brilliant spell, taking five wickets, including a prized wicket for the well-positioned Suryakumar Yadav. In the end, Gujarat scored too many goals and won comfortably.

18.2: Mohit Sharma vs. Kumar Kartikeya out! It turns out that Mohit Sharma has his 5 furs. He pitched great today and grabbed this game by the scruff of his neck! Full cast this according to the tension. Kumar Kartikeya looks good, but he can’t keep up for long. David Miller finds himself on the ropes and he comfortably takes a hold to catch his team

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