Ipl Ka Full Form: – Exciting hits, high-octane drama and inter-team competition, this great sporting event has it all. Yes, we are talking about glamor and sports and only one event caught our eye and that is IPL and IPL matches played so far.

The excitement around the IPL, the beauty of the pictures, the IPL bugle (turned into an eco-friendly monument) and the perfect balance between family entertainment and serious sports. Going back to 2008 when IPL was conceptualized, it is Bollywood entertainment and India’s favorite sport. Remember the IPL promo ‘Manoranjan Ka Baap’ has since flourished as a complete drama that suits the IPL entertainment audience.

Ipl Ka Ful Form

Ipl Ka Ful Form

Well, it would be blasphemous to talk about IPL and not mention the brands and advertisers who are gearing up a lot to play the shenanigans of IPL. However, IPL promotion, as attractive as it sounds, requires proper planning. The battle between TV and digital is real, but why are we here to help you make a good decision?

Ipl 2023 Advertising: Tv Vs Digital:

Read our blog to know all about IPL promotion on TV vs Digital and take advantage of this opportunity.

Remember that Netflix was about to launch online and the iPhone saw the light of day for the first time. Ever since ‘Is TV Dead?’ Questions and Answers. emerged from all industry experts and reports. The death of television was predicted to be imminent, but in reality, even after several years, it is still too early to make such a statement. Even in 2023, most TV viewers are still dominated by linear TV, and we can safely say that TV is here to stay.

When it comes to television revolution, there has been a major shift from cable to DTH to sports broadcasting and global content. GroupM South Asia CEO Prasanth Kumar said: “There are many new opportunities for TV advertisers in the coming years. India will become the third largest TV market in the next three years. (Source: E4M)

GroupM estimates that TV penetration in India is around 70% with around 210 TV homes, so there is plenty of room for growth.

Tbd In Ipl:

However, TV ad spend in India is expected to grow at a slower pace than before due to intense competition from digital giants. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.8% between 2023 and 2027, indicating that television is still going strong. This percentage is higher than the global average of 1.1% and APAC’s 3.7%. According to this data, India is expected to be the third largest TV advertising market by 2024.

The main reason why television still dominates the market is to lend it to the family and watch together with genres such as televised sports. Mainstream genres such as film and sports are produced and broadcast for the big screen. The viewing experience on the phone is significantly improved compared to the smartphone screen.

Also, facts such as family and dating can only be seen on TV. The family is and will continue to be an important part of the social fabric in India, with 97% of TV households (not just TV) believing that family viewing is important. Some reasons for the growth of television in India are:

Ipl Ka Ful Form

1. Access to affordable TVs: Government’s focus on improving electricity and household electricity uptime, Make in India, PLI schemes are the main drivers of TV penetration among households. In fact, even consumer goods companies are building deeper and more retail locations in rural areas to tap into these rural opportunities.

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2. TV remains very affordable – Pay TV (cable and DTH) starting at INR 153 (inclusive of all taxes) gives access to 200 FTA channels. (Source: KPMG report) Television costs in India are among the lowest in the world compared to conventional television in other countries.

3. Room for increased TV penetration: Compared to other developed markets and Southeast Asian economies, India has 61% TV penetration among rural households and 87% among urban households. This shows that TV penetration in India still has a lot of room to grow.

4. Volume of content available on television: The volume of content offered by television, content in regional languages, is the highest among entertainment media.

Original TV content in Hindi and other regional languages ​​is produced on a larger scale than OTT platforms. This has a significant impact on the importance of television as a medium of communication. The diversity of languages ​​makes Indian television profitable worldwide. Additionally, regional language content is sub-indexed (contributing to the consumption contribution of advertising revenue) and is therefore expected to witness strong growth in the future, driving the growth of content consumption on television.

Ipl Full Form In Hindi

The steady increase in ratings for sporting events serves as a catalyst for brands to continue investing heavily in sports advertising on television to reach a wider audience across all socio-economic classes. In terms of socio-economic classes, sports viewership is mainly based on NCCS AB households, which account for 60% of the post-seasons of IPL, ISL and PKL. The remaining audience comes from NCCS CDE.

This important segment of the affluent population is attractive to brands given their purchasing power. In this context, it is also important that mass brands achieve the lowest NCCS and that IPL as a product fulfills this promise.

According to KPMG’s report titled ‘Game Made in Heaven on TV’, the total TV sports market is expected at INR 7,050 Cr in FY21 and is expected to reach INR 9,830 Cr in FY26. This means that it is growing steadily at a CAGR of 7%.

Ipl Ka Ful Form

Given the dominance of sports as a genre over other genres, as discussed above, growth in television advertising revenue for sports is expected to outpace growth in the overall television market. Increased HH TV penetration, increased sales of bundles (which include sports channels) and organic growth of pay TV are expected to be key drivers of sports subscription revenue.

Ipl full form kya hota hai?

IPL 2022 had an audience of 400 million, which is 80% more than KBC, Bigg Boss, The Kapil Sharma Show, Hatron Ke Khiladi and Shark Tank. In terms of viewing time, GEC properties also do better than what they do on TV. Advertisers believe that influencer properties like the Indian Premier League help advertisers better connect with consumers and gain consumer trust.

Since its inception, the tournament has only grown in popularity and viewership. The league has become a major event for viewers and advertisers, thus seeing massive advertising spend every year.

Competition has created a lucrative opportunity for brands looking to target a national audience to reach mass and interesting audiences, where gold is plentiful.

The IPL keeps viewers glued to their televisions throughout the tournament and with the live streaming rights provided by Star Sports, the number of viewers will increase further.

Kolkata Knight Riders

As audiences grow, brands and marketers are actively investing in the series. An analysis of the 2022 IPL season shows that STAR earned $58.1 million per match from advertisements.

The most interesting thing about IPL is the entertainment factor associated with the sporting event. IPL has been envisioned as a family entertainment since its inception, for example, take the slogans of IPL from ‘Manoranjan Ka Baap’ to ‘Keep Calm Kanna’, everything about the tournament is attractive, attractive and spectacular. Whether it’s music, celebrity faces or countless commercials playing on the IPL theme, IPL has everything the audience needs to be entertained.

In India, sports are widely enjoyed by all socio-economic groups, and the popular leagues are popular among NCCS AB families. A higher percentage of viewers in NCCS EU’s wealthiest households watch sports features, increasing overall TV penetration. (Increased by 17% in 2022 compared to 2019).

Ipl Ka Ful Form

Both traditional and startup/new era based advertisers and brands can best benefit from IPL advertising. Traditional companies such as FMCG can reach a mix of urban and rural consumers due to the greater spread of consumption in NCCS (including CDE). New age brands (including consumer, fintech and retail) are using sports properties such as IPL to effectively reach their TGs across age groups, with sports on TV being an important part of their branding wheel.

What Is Srh Full Form?

The aforementioned data shows the desire of viewers to engage in sports in their mother tongue, which translates into high engagement with their content. It also allows advertisers to strengthen or expand their brands in India.

This has a significant impact on the importance of television as a medium of communication.

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