How To Play Cricket – In this article you can read about the rules of cricket. The aim of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. The team consists of 11 players, with one substitute in case of injury.

At the start of the game a coin toss is used to determine who hits first. The field team will field a total of 11 players, while the batsmen team will field two batsmen. The batsmen always work in pairs. A batsman cannot hit alone.

How To Play Cricket

How To Play Cricket

A batsman’s job is to run, score and defend their goal. These wicks were three logs, with two crossbars on them. They tried to hit the ball away from the goal. and ran to his partner’s crease If the batsman hits the ball and both run safely to the opposite crease. will score one run If the bowler bowls a high, wide ball or bowls a no-ball. (illegal bowls) The system automatically scores one round. This score will automatically start without sprinting. and if the batsman hits the ball in the air and the ball crosses the boundary you will automatically get six points

Cricket Rules And Scoring: Understand The Basics To Enjoy The Game Better

This is the highest game in cricket. It is the job of the fielding team to remove the batsman from the game. The outfield team can be assigned to a specific player to throw the ball to the batsman.

In throwing the ball The ball must be thrown over the arm and into the playing field. In cricket there are 10 ways for the field team to get you out.

1. Bowling Out If the bowler throws the ball and the ball hits the batsman’s target and hits the bail. he will be kicked out

2. Caught Out If the batsman hits the ball in the air and is caught by the fielder.

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3. Running Out If the batsman runs towards his partner’s crease. and the ball is thrown into the goal before the batsman gets there. The batsman will be run out.

4. LBW (leg before wicket) If the ball touches the leg of the batsman AND the referee thinks that the ball would have hit the wicket if his leg had not been blocked – LBW – Leg Before Wicket cut.

5. Stumped Out If the batsman swings and misses the ball. The goalkeeper can catch the ball and push the ball into the goal. If this happens before the batsman returns to the crease, he will be stamped out

How To Play Cricket

6. Accidentally hitting a wicket/out on the rarest of occasions a Batsman can get himself or his partner out by inadvertently hitting a wicket.

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The other four ways to get out in cricket almost never happen in today’s games. This includes hitting the ball twice in one stroke. ball handling Obstructing players on the field or taking too long to enter the field

When the batsman is out He will be replaced by the next batsman on the batting team’s list. When 10 players are out, the players switch sides to make the batsman the outfielder and vice versa. Over and innings

Highest run total after both sides show wins. That’s a quick summary of the game. But there are a few more things you need to understand. The bowler must pass 6 legal bowls to the batsman. Once all 6 bowls have been played, it is called an over. at the end of the race The new bowler will try to get the other batsmen. Exit by throwing the ball from the other side. When both teams have finished batting – this is called an inning. The number of overs and innings will vary according to the style of cricket.

In T20 cricket each team takes 20 overs for one innings. This game typically takes about 3 hours.

Great Benefits Of Playing Cricket

In One Day Cricket each team takes 40 or 50 overs for one inning. As the name implies, this game lasts for one day.

In test cricket There is no over and the game is theoretically over when all the batsmen are out. and is usually played for two innings. This game can be played anywhere up to 5 days and is the oldest form of cricket. (and the longest)

If you are new to cricket I recommend watching Indian Premier League game highlights to start. If you are watching cricket on TV they will conveniently tell you how many goals they have scored. The number of batsmen released And they tell you how many runs the other team scored and how many runs they had to run. Cricket may seem like a slow game. But when you watch or play, the rules are clear.

How To Play Cricket

If you found this article useful. Please comment and share. It took me a long time to do these things. And good karma is always appreciated. If you’re on Reddit too, feel free to discuss this article there. But at the same time enjoy cricket! Every hitter aspires to be the best hitter possible. To reach the top of the game You need to put in sweat, blood and tears, but not all powders are perfect. Few hitters like Virat Kohli are naturally driven. And other legends like Rohit Sharma can pull off shots organically. but in modern times To have more chances to become a great player You must shoot as many shots as possible in your arsenal. There is a lot of competition between the players. So having the extra advantage of training with technology comes in handy too. You can monitor each shot and its parameters. where you can control any shot

Most Played Cricket Shots And How To Improve Them With Stancebeam

Drive: This shot involves hitting the ball on the ground. using a stick to hit straight and follow the back to the end to improve your drive Focus on using a solid foundation and proper technique. and practice hitting the ball in the middle of the racket

HOW TO IMPROVE: The ideal point of impact on the driving shot should be aligned with the front of the foot, directly under the head.

Giving you all the hit data you need. Combining backlift and on-hit speed is key to improving your shot put.

Cut: This shot involves hitting the ball hard and crossing the line. using a horizontal stick and tracking at an angle to improve cropping of your images. Practice keeping your feet in place and using clear, sharp movements.

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How to improve: play short and wide balls The back foot must go back and cross to get closer to the line of the ball. But don’t go too far. Because you still need room to extend your arms during the shot. to improve your cross shot Focus on using your wrist to guide the ball after the attack and keep your eye on the ball.

It provides the continuous angle needed to control shots. There is also a wagon wheel that lets you know where you are playing the shots. And you can be confident that you are hitting the ball in attack.

Pull: This shot involves hitting the ball up in the air towards the leg side. using a bent wrist and angled racket to improve your child’s traction Focus on pushing the weight forward and using your strong bottom hand for power.

How To Play Cricket

How to improve: Play a pull shot in such a way that the back of the foot should go back and cross the ball. Keep your weight forward and extend your arms fully to control the shot. to keep the ball on the ground Prepare equipment to raise the platform higher and bring the ball down with the ball.

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Hook: Hook shot is played with a vertical bat and a flick. Hook shot is almost the same as pull shot, but with a slight difference. Hook hits are hit for deliveries that are above chest level. And a hook hit is more risky than a pull hit. Because they tend to hit much higher than pull pulls. Therefore, hitters are at high risk of getting caught.

How to improve: It is important to use your wrist for power shots. Practice bending your wrists and using them to guide the ball through your feet.

Backlift is essential for good pullups and hookshots. Impact judgment, impact point and back lift are essential for good pull-ups and hookshots. It helps the hitter to gauge backlift and point of impact.

How to improve: Focus on using your wrist to power your shot and keep your eye on the ball. This is because sweeping shots are often difficult. Good technique will help you master your photography. for each shot The rear elevation angle is an important metric, therefore

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