Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai – We all love to play and watch cricket and cricket is the second most popular sport in the world today. A game of cricket where uncertainty will remain until both the teams show their full potential on the field. Records have been made and broken in every match in the game of cricket. The game of cricket is known for its games and style of play. As much as the bat, ball and player are valuable in the game of cricket, the pitch also plays an important role in the game. The race begins and the race ends there.

The 22 yard crochet belt is not just a field, it is the dream of people to make their own 22 yard belt. That means every player on that 22 yard line, yes this field is mine, I have poured my life and sweat into it. For cricketers, the cricket field is like a school where everyone tells a lot, shows a lot and explains a lot. At the start of the match there is moisture on the pitch that the players want to exploit and for the batsmen this pitch is a moment that shows a lot and explains a lot.

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

Today in this article you will learn about cricket pitch, cricket pitch length, width and how the pitch is prepared along with it.

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As you must have read above, the field is 22 yards, and if we talk about the length of the field, then it is 22 yards (2012 meters) long and 305 cm (3.05 meters) wide. In the field, it is 122 cm from the stem to the crease and 264 cm wide on both sides.

FIFA has some strict rules for submitting international matches that must be kept in mind and followed when submitting.

The pitch is often built in a south-south direction so that the strong sunlight coming from the south does not bother the batsmen too much.

Between the two blocks of the field, a flat and even field is prepared, which is called a protected area.

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You can say that the pitch sometimes moves with the weather, the pitch is wet at the start which helps the fast bowlers and once the sun comes out the pitch dries up which helps the innings. .

Now let’s see how the field is prepared and what needs to be done to build the field.

First, after choosing the place, it is necessary to dig about 12-13 inches to build the square, after digging, brick chips are laid and along with them, the drainage line is inserted so that the square does not have water. Do not freeze or fill with water when it rains.

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

The brick is crushed to about 4 inches, followed by about 90 percent sand and 10 percent soil. In order to make the terrain even and hard, a roller soaked in water along with the terrain is pushed over the terrain. Coach’s Explanation: What about the innings that has been problematic throughout the Test series? Learn how a field made of the same soil will behave

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai

In the India-England Test series, the victories on the field and the performances of both the teams were discussed. After winning the first Test, the British lost the next three Tests in a turnaround. And in the last Test, the English batsmen failed to cope with the Indian batsmen and faced defeat. With the defeat in the second Test, former England players began to question the pitch. On the other hand, the Indian players said that if we lose to New Zealand or Australia in three days, there is no question that the pitch will be bad. Why is a spin-friendly pitch bad if the pitch isn’t bad when the pitch favors fast bowlers?

But how is the field built? How will its nature change? How is pitching different from traditional pitching? Let’s find out from Shailesh Kumar, a tour guide of Madhya Pradesh who has completed the BCCI certification course.

First, let’s talk about pitch preparation. To build the arena, first select an area 100 feet long and 10 feet wide in the middle of the ground. The length is always maintained in the north-south direction. This is why sunlight does not enter the bat’s eyes.

Then dig a hole 13 cm deep in the designated place. In this pit, the drainage system is first prepared. For this, a suitable slope is prepared and pipes are laid to drain the water. Because of this, when it rains, the water flows easily and the field is not damaged.

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This is done after three layers. The first layer is four inches. Core sand (river sand) is used for this. Another 4-inch layer is then poured. It uses 90% sand and 10% clay powder. This layer is called the soil layer. The third and final layer is 5 inches. In this case soil is used (red, black or yellow soil). This soil is called clay soil.

After reaching the surface, an additional three-centimeter layer is applied. After reaching the surface, grass is planted first. An inch of high clay soil is then poured into each. Weeding and watering are also done with it. Each field is prepared in this way. This is called a building block. It’s work.

Now you say that if the construction of every field is done in the same way, then how will its nature change? So the answer is that it all depends on the preparation part of the pitch. The work on the field before the start of the match is called preparation.

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

When the race is about to happen. 15 days before the start of the competition and one month before the preparation of the competition. This preparation will be done according to the format viz. Test, ODI, T20.

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For example, if the field has to be prepared for the test, then it starts 15-20 days before the tournament. First, after pouring water on the pitch, the pitch is rolled with the lightest roller. As the process progresses, the irrigation pattern also changes. At the same time, the weight of the roll increases.

After this work is done at pasture level. Mowing is done depending on whether the grass is green or not. This determines the character of the field. Similarly, field preparation is done in ODIs and T20s as well. During these matches there is almost no grass on the pitch. So the pitch helps the batsmen.

There is also a lot of talk about the Polish soil. In Test matches, a pitch made of black clay is considered favorable for fast bowlers and a pitch made of red clay is considered favorable for batsmen. Black soil shrinks when exposed to sunlight and expands when water is applied. However, depending on the preparation of the field and the weather there, the nature of the two varies. Therefore, different fields made from the same clay have different characteristics.

A pitch built outside a cricket stadium and placed inside the stadium when the match starts. This type of competition is used in international competitions in Australia. In fact, apart from cricket, football and cricket matches are also held at the MCG, Adelaide Oval and Perth stadiums in Australia. At the end of the cricket season, the field is removed and stored in greenhouses or other places.

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Now how can it be a drop in the field? Let’s understand this with an example. For example, the MCG pitch is 24 meters long, 3 meters wide and 20 centimeters deep. A layer of grass sits on top of the black soil, which is made of steel.

When the cricket season begins, the pitch is brought to the ground in a customized 30-tonne truck. Then it is fixed in the middle of the cement board. At the end of the season, the field is removed from the board by the same machine. The holes in the cement slabs are filled with earth and artificial grass.

Ahead of the fourth Test, former England captain Michael Vaughan described the Indian pitches.

Cricket Pitch Ki Lambai Kitni Hoti Hai

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