Cricket Information In Marathi – Today in this article we will learn about cricket knowledge in Marathi language, basic rules of cricket, rules of cricket, test cricket, ODI cricket, T20 cricket, Umpire, Bowler, Batsman Cricket is the most popular sport in the area.

The game of cricket has been played in India for many years. A very popular and interesting game This game is very popular among children. They usually play cricket in small areas like small stadiums, roads, etc. Children love cricket and its rules and regulations. Cricket is one of the most popular sports played at national and international level in India. The popularity of cricket among the people is so high that a large number of spectators go to watch the game, which is very less for other sports.

Cricket Information In Marathi

Cricket Information In Marathi

Cricket is a professional outdoor sport played by many countries. This outdoor game consists of two teams of 11 players each. Cricket is played until 50/20 overs are completed. The rules and regulations in this regard are governed and regulated by the International Cricket Council and the Marlbore Cricket Club. n The game was played as Test matches as well as ODI and T20 Internationals. This game was first played in the south of England in the 16th century. However, during the 18th century it became the national sport of England.

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During the expansion of the British Empire this game was played overseas. And in the 19th century, the first international tournament was organized by the ICC, where it was divided into two teams with 10 players each. Cricket is a very popular game played in many countries around the world, such as England, India, Australia, South Africa, etc.

The distance between two wickets on a pitch (or between two bowling creases) is called a pitch. The two field goals are 22 yards (20.12 m) apart with a field width of 10 meters (3.04 m).

The gate has three stumps and two bails. The width of the door is 9 inches (22.9 cm) and the height of the trunk is 71.1 centimeters from the ground. The trunks are the same length and size. The ball will not pass them.

At the stumps line, there is a line 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 m) on either side, called the bowling crease.

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A line parallel to the bowling crease at a distance of 4 feet (1.22 m) from the bowling alley on the field in front of the bowling crease. It is called a bowling crease. The exploding crease extends at least 6 feet (1.83 m) on each side of the gate, with a distance of 4 feet from the gate side of the outgoing frame to the center of the stump.

The back crease is drawn by straight lines at both ends of the bowling crease. These lines extend at least 4 feet before the exit crease and behind the door.

A circle with a diameter of 75 yards (minimum 60 yards) will be drawn through the center. This circular line is the boundary line of the field. (Circles should be drawn with chalk and marked. Recently, thick white string has been used instead of chalk lines.)

Cricket Information In Marathi

The length of the bat must not exceed 96.5 centimeters. The width of the bat must not exceed 4.5 inches (10.8 centimeters). The bat must be made of wood.

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The weight of the ball must not be less than 155.9 g and not more than 163 g. The circumference of the ball should not be less than 22.4 cm and not more than 22.9 cm.

If a ball in play is lost or unfit for normal play, the umpire will allow an equal ball to be played. The batsman will be notified that the ball has changed.

After bowling at least 80 consecutive overs on a green field. The team captain may remove the old ball and replace it with a new one. A new ball can be used when the old ball starts to wear out. As soon as you receive a new ball the Referee must signal that a new ball has been received.

(If the game is not restarted – snacks – lunch – tea – after the fall – in case of interference – the ball remains in the referee’s possession)

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Do not throw water on the field during the game. Fields cannot be entered unless specified by special rules. It can block the thrower’s runway. (There is a cover on the field to protect it in case of rain.)

If the team leader kicks the ball if he likes the Rolls should be rolled up half an hour before the start of each day. (There is no objection to rolling in such a way that the rolling ends 10 minutes before the start of the game at the request of the captain.) A heavy or light roller should be used according to the needs of the captain.

If the pitch needs to be dried immediately after being thrown or during the match the Umpire will decide which roller to use at that time. At that time, it would roll for a minute or two.

Cricket Information In Marathi

If the competition lasts for three days or more The grass on the field must be mowed before playing under the supervision of the referee every day during the match. If there is a day off, the lawn will not be mowed on that day. (Green will not be cut the same in less than three days.)

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The pitch is made on a pitch that is 2012 cm long and 505 cm wide. There are poles on both sides of the field and the batsman stands on either side. The batsman hits the ball and both the batsmen go forward for a run. During this time, the bowling team prevents the batsman from running too far by catching the ball very quickly before or after the batsman goes behind the wicket.

If the batsman hits the ball and the ball crosses four boundaries while running down the field, it is called a four, which means four runs.

If the batsman hits the ball and it crosses the lower boundary without touching the ground, it is called a thumb or thumb.

This is called no ball. Extra runs are awarded to the next team. and no run has an impact without that ball. A free hit is an extra ball given to the batsman that he can shoot without ending up.

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If the ball is so far away from the batsman that he cannot play under any circumstances, it is considered a batsman’s fault and the batsman is awarded an extra run.

When the ball doesn’t hit the stick and the goalkeeper also goes out, the Batsman has time to run. It’s called byeball.

When the ball leaves the batsman without hitting the batsman the Batsman has a chance to run, which is called the bye-leg.

Cricket Information In Marathi

Highlights: If the bowler hits the ball on the stumps and the ball falls, it is called a bowl. The batter will not be fired.

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Catch: When the batsman hits the ball in the air and it is caught by the fielder without being caught. It’s called holding.

Leg Before Wicket: When the ball hits the batsman’s leg. But it seems football can’t learn. The goalkeeper will earn pounds.

Run-out: When the batsman runs between the wickets for a run. If the batsman catches the ball and hits the stumps before the batsman reaches the wicket. it will be considered time-out

Double strike: A batsman is allowed to play the ball only once. If he touches the ball again, he is afraid of being sent off. you will be released.

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Stamp Out: When the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman without touching the ball. And the batsman comes out of the crease to score or hit the ball. If the keeper throws the ball towards the goal and the bell falls, the batsman walks, it is called a run-out.

Timeout: After the hitter has been ejected. If the other batsman does not come to play within 3 minutes, he will be considered timed out.

Interference: If the batsman hits the other team improperly or is in front of them while receiving the ball. He may be fired.

Cricket Information In Marathi

T20 is a new form of cricket that was started in England in 2003. The reason for introducing this type of game is that Cricket should be made more fun first. and attract more viewers Although this game is almost similar to other forms of cricket, there are changes in this game.

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Basically, the format of T20 cricket is similar to ODI, the only difference is the overs. As the name suggests the game is played in two teams and each team plays 20 overs. Since it is a fast-paced game, players do not use lockers. They sit on the floor with the roof down.

In T20 cricket, a match does not end in a draw. Unless it is due to natural causes. If the match is tied Both teams will face each other in a Super Over. When the team will lose two wickets in the over. Otherwise there will be a high number of runs. The team that can do this will win. In the event of a tie, the team with the most six points wins. Even if there is a tie The team with the most four points wins.

However, the first rule for players is that they must play the game honestly and fair. In addition to all this, there are still general rules that you should know.

Not only cricket But any kind of sport promotes health and enthusiasm. It also develops a healthy sense of competition.Moreover, the game of cricket develops unity and brotherhood among each other. During the Cricket World Cup, the whole world is like one family and it is a great achievement in the game of cricket. There is no doubt that in India Cricket is not just a game but a religion of the people. Everyone from kids to adults loves the game of cricket. Let’s know some information about this popular game.

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2) The first test cricket match was played between Australia and England. The match was played on 15 March 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

4) Australian batsman Charlie Bannerman became the first batsman in the world to complete a century in a Test match in 1877.

5) Sourav Ganguly is the only player to win Man of the Match award four times in four matches.

Cricket Information In Marathi

12) Chris Martin and Chadrasekhar are the two world record scorers for most runs in their entire Test career.

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13) Iftar Ali Khan, grandfather of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, is the only player to have played cricket in two countries. He played test matches in India and England.

14) Alex Stewart, England batsman He was born on 4/8/1963 and scored 8463 runs in his Test career.

16) Saeed Ajmal, Pakistani fast bowler, has won many matches for Pakistan. But he has never been declared Man of the Match till now.

17) The biggest coincidence in the history of cricket so far happened on 11/11/11 at 11:00 PM.

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