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Cricket News India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023: Weather is now clear in Colombo on Reserve Day, what will the weather be like during the match?

Cricket Aaj Ka

Cricket Aaj Ka

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023: Weather now clear in Colombo on reserve day, what will the weather be like at match time India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 result September 10 Update: India vs Pakistan Super 4 match in Asian Games starts today from there this match to stop the rain, now The reserve day will be determined.

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India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 takes place in Colombo. This match will be held between India and Pakistan at R Premadasa Stadium. In the match, India scored 147 runs for 2 wickets in 24.1 overs when the rain started. The match was stopped due to rain, then the match did not start due to the dampness of the field. A reserve day was held for the match between India and Pakistan, and today the match will start from the same place where it ended. According to Indian time, the match begins at three in the afternoon, but rain continues in Colombo until today and into the morning. If this match is not completed today, both India and Pakistan will have to share one point each.

10:41 AM vs PAC: The morning started with rain in Colombo, but now the rain has stopped and the weather is looking clear, although there is a possibility of rain during the match.

10:25 AM vs Pak: While giving a weather update on the stand-up day, former Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram said it rained intermittently all night in Colombo, the weather is not completely clear in the morning, but there is no rain now.

9:29 AM vs Pak: Since the India-Pakistan match is a reserve day, the Indian team now has to play for three consecutive days. The India-Pakistan match began on 10 September and the Reserve Day was held on 11 September. On September 12, India will play Sri Lanka in a Super 4 match.

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9:10 AM vs Pak: Pakistan has won one match of the Super-4 played against Bangladesh, while this match is India’s first to play a Super-4. If this match is cancelled, India will suffer a huge loss in terms of points. Because Pakistan will get three points while only one point will be added to India’s account.

9:10 AM End vs Pak: There will be a truncated time in the match even on the reserve day as stock will be reduced.

8:35 AM vs Pak: If rain continues to disrupt the India-Pakistan match today, the surface could be cut off and then according to the Duckworth-Lewis method, Pakistan could get the goal of the match.

Cricket Aaj Ka

8:15 AMnd vs Pak: Shadab Khan takes a wicket and Shaheen Afridi takes a wicket for Pakistan.

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8:00 Amenya vs Pakistan Full Scorecard: Pakistan won and invited India to bat first. For India, captain Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill added 121 runs in the first innings. Rohit got out after scoring 56 runs while Shubman got out after scoring 58 runs.

7:45 AM India vs Pakistan Reserve Day: There will be rain in the India vs Pakistan match even today. Intermittent rain is expected throughout the day in Colombo until today.

7:30 AM India vs Pakistan Reserve Day: There is bad news for the fans of the India vs Pakistan match as it rained in Colombo this morning.

7:15 Amenya vs Pakistan: The India-Pakistan match will be played on the reserve day. In this case, the match will start where it ended and the match will only be 50 overs.

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11 September 2023, 7:00 Amenya vs Pakistan: The India vs Pakistan match will resume today at 3pm. Team India will play over 24.1 overs, with Virat Kohli and KL Rahul playing to take India to the lead. Virat Kohli did not return after scoring 8 runs, while Rahul did not return after scoring 17 runs.

September 10, 2023, 8:34 PM India vs Pakistan: Due to rain, the referee decided to stop today’s match. This match will start again tomorrow and India will play the full 50 overs and then the Pakistani team will expand it.

8:34 PM India vs Pakistan: According to referees Chris Gaffney and Ruchira Baliaguru, the match can start at 9 am. The ground at square leg and point is wet, which is dangerous for the players. We try to dry it with a fan. I will see you in 10-12 minutes. We are waiting for the match that starts at 9 pm. We want both teams to play on as many pitches as possible. But we don’t know if it was 9 a.m. or a quarter to 9. If the game starts at 9:00, and it’s 34 overs, and then it rains, we’ll start the game tomorrow that way. If the match does not start today, 50 matches will be played tomorrow.

Cricket Aaj Ka

8:25 PM India vs Pakistan: It’s been a long wait for the India vs Pakistan match to start. The referee is not satisfied with some areas of the field, to correct the matter, the fans are used to dry those areas.

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8:10 PM India vs Pakistan: The umpires take to the field again, although the umpire is not happy with one position on the field and the work continues.

7:50 PM India vs Pakistan live: Umpires inspect the field. However, at first the referee was not very satisfied, and after speaking with the two captains, he told the pitch. There will be another check at 8 am.

7:12 PM India vs Pakistan News: New news has been released about the India vs Pakistan match. The referee will inspect the field at exactly seven-thirty in the evening, and then it will be known whether the match will start or not and how long it will take. Rainwater fell on some parts of the field, dampening the surface, leading to the start of the match.

6:40 PM India vs Pakistan: The rain stops at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. But the match did not start on the field due to the humidity in the air. People on Earth have been draining the wet area for a long time.

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5:56 PM India vs Pakistan: The match has been canceled due to incessant rain. After the rain it covers the whole earth.

5:02 PM India vs Pakistan: The ongoing match between India and Pakistan has been hit by rain, although there is a reserve day for this match. India scored 147 runs for the loss of 2 wickets in 24.1 overs. Virat Kohli plays 8 and 17 innings.

4:52 PM The India-Pakistan match was canceled due to rain, and the stadium was covered.

Cricket Aaj Ka

4:40 PM Team India has scored 140 runs after losing 2 wickets in 22 matches. After the dismissals of Rohit and Gill, Kohli and Rahul were restless.

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4:28 PM Shubman Gill also couldn’t be at the crease after completing his half-century. Shaheen arrested him. Gill scored 58 off 52 balls. He hit 10 fours.

4:22 PM India vs Pakistan: Captain Rohit Sharma is back in action after scoring a fifty. He lost his wicket while trying to bowl a big shot at Shadab Khan. Rohit Sharma scored 56 runs in 49 balls.

4:15 PM India vs Pakistan: Team India has scored 118 runs in 16 matches without losing a wicket. The collaboration of the century between the two was completed.

4:08 PM India vs Pakistan: Captain Rohit Sharma made a difference after a slow start and completed a half-century off 42 balls. Rohit scored 26 runs in the last 5 balls.

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4:02 PM India vs Pakistan Live: Shubman Gill completes a half-century off 37 balls against Pakistan. Rohit reached his fifty with some big shots with Shadab next over.

4:02 PM India vs Pakistan: Pakistani star Shadab Khan was badly beaten. First off, Rohit hit two sixes and four successive fours. 19 points were scored in this.

3:54 PM India vs Pakistan Live: Team India scored 71 runs in 12 overs without losing a single wicket. Pakistan did not get off to a good start in the first match. There were two chances, but Felder wasted them.

Cricket Aaj Ka

03:46 PM India vs Pakistan Live Update: Pakistan gave two chances to Indian batsman Shubman Gill in the opening match itself. Shaheen threw the ball to third man and then Iftikhar Ahmed lost the pace of the ball.

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3:32 PM Pakistan cricket star Shaheen Afridi has left the field after winning three matches and it is believed that when he caught Gill in the second match he injured his left arm.

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