Tomorrow Cricket Team – Patna: Bihar defeated Saurashtra by 10 wickets in the Women’s Under-15 One Day Cup organized by BCCI at the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Indore.

It was Bihar’s third victory in five matches so far. Earlier, Bihar defeated Goa by 53 runs and Sikkim by 204 runs. Bihar lost to Delhi by 10 wickets and Jharkhand by 9 wickets.

Bihar Cricket Team

Bihar Cricket Team

Saurashtra won the toss and opted to bat first. Saurashtra struggled against the Bihar bowlers, scoring 64 runs in just 24.4 overs. Priyanshi Nakar scored 25 points and Anchika scored 18 points for Saurashtra. For Bihar, Nancy Kumari took 4 wickets in 6.4 overs and scored 20 runs in 6.4 overs, Kajal Kumari took 7 wickets in 22 wickets down. Sagarika Kumari and Aakriti Yadav also got a hit each. In reply, Bihar reached the target in 11.4 overs with Gitanjali Rani’s 25 not out and Ritika’s 28 not out. Lose wickets.

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Saurashtra – 64 all out in 24.4 overs, Priyanshi Nakar 25, Anchika 18, Kajal Kumari 2/22, Sagarika 1/10, Aakriti Yadav 1/11, Nancy Kumari 4/20

Tomorrow – 66 not out in 11.4 overs, Gitanjali Rani 25 not out, Ritika 28 not out

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Heyat Khan from Denmark’s Siwan School lost in the semi-finals; Schools from Manipur, Jharkhand will compete for the Under 17 Girls Subroto Cup.

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Bihar Cricket Team

किहार के ललर के लूररररररररररररररर जरेगर विकेटकी में केगरिपफी में किकें वरेगर रजीब िहर क्रिक ेट िहर क्रिक ेट एसोसिएशन के एसोसिएशन कें िहर क्रिक. े सिने सिनिल … ोसिएशन मेटी अनंत प्रमैनरड ने खिलरमैनरडथो िलरमैनरडथो षित की. The third number in this list is শ্র্শ্র র্চি মাস্র্ক র প প ল্লে বজ কে র্র্য র্র্যা

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बिह.र टीम में इक बर फिर चाइकेसम.र फिर करॶ कर.अिर हरफ नमुउलर खेल करजलवरे शन ने रमगध करजलवरे वरे लडी को सीके नर्युदु ट्ररफ ी के लिये विणुयूडू लेबज के रु प में टीम में अ हम जिम्मेम्मेय हरीहसें 15 इज म चंदिगार् टीम के खिल्फ विकेट रीम के किल्फ आ अंग े.

Bihar Cricket Association’s senior session chairman Anant Prakash has included Shashank as the third number in the list of players who have been awarded Ramil Shashiri’s बिपन्यर्य बिमर बिपन्यर्य बिमर बुआियर्य 19 years- on 19th 2019 for all three भार्वित कीर्थ.

शशरंक रमगदर थन्र यरय के पुत्र अवर शँशिइिँिइिय के यरय कर भती जरहाई. शशर नक के पिती विपीआिनीइी एपेस्टर है. चचचर दर्क तर अवर बेतर बेटररतरतरचर दरक नर्यरे डो अमके ने बतययिकि भती जे के कज़ेयिकि रिथ) आथर ह आ सननहिन्रही । In the wake of the challenges of the cricket world, all of us are facing medical problems. لر অলিক্শ্শান্পন্র নান ম্নি. आस्के जज़बे को है है पररववरि को रान. Start फिर शशरन्क ने कुदिधि अभ्यरस अउरलगन्यरस अॉरत सीई से से से अउरलगन्यरस ी तो उस्की अमिद्धोंथऋ ममिदों को ममिदोन्थः द उ गये ।

29-29-2019 हमलोग बेधाद खुष राईईैहोग ीद है क थ व े लिये उस्टिल सर्बित होगर.

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BIHAR CRICKET ASSOCIATION के सीनियर सेर शेशाशन े ट क ए चेर्मायन अनाथ प्रकर्ष ने के सिकाईनटृट नत प्रकरश ी क 20. क उप्रोय (विकेटकीपर), श्रमण निग्रोयनोटेक्षिपर हरन, ह आमंशु सिंह, विवेक कुमर, मुकेश केश शिवेक न, शिवररज, विवेककुमरसिंह, परमजीत, आकरश वरमा, ररमजीत हित, कैर्ल श्रिवस्तु, ट्र्यम्बक भसूचीसिंग, रितिक ररजेश व हरप्रीतकरनी

बिहर की 13 लोकसभर अवर 81 विधरनसभ्वर व.धरसभ्वर नू॰ि ररर नसभ्वर व, र This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unoriginal material may be challenged and removed. Find source: “Bihar Cricket Association” – News · Newspapers · Books · Scholars · JSTOR (October 2018) (Learn how and why this template message was removed)

The Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) is the governing body for cricket activities in the Indian state of Bihar and the Bihar Cricket Team.

Bihar Cricket Team

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court of India approved the BCA as the authorized body to organize cricket matches in Bihar.

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The Randhir Verma Under-19 Bihar Championship is a one-day cricket tournament between the regional cricket teams of the Indian state of Bihar, organized by the Bihar Cricket Association.

The tournament is sanctioned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Cricket tournaments are held at centers in five divisions.

Before the bifurcation of Bihar, the region known as Jharkhand was contested under the BCA. After the state, the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) also organized tournaments for their region with the Randhir Verma Trophy.

The Supreme Court of India on 25 November 2012 said that cricket should stay away from politics and the sport should not become a politician’s ball. The cricket board made the remarks while hearing a petition related to the ongoing dispute between the two rivals. The Bihar Cricket Association governs cricket in the state.

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The Patna High Court in July 2012 ordered the BCCI, the Board of Control for Cricket in India, to include Bihar in various national cricket tournaments.

The Patna High Court on 20 September 2011 allowed the Binod Kumar-led Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) CAB party to operate its account in a state bank.

In November 2011, the Patna High Court directed the state government to file an intervention petition in a case related to the Bihar Cricket Association. Government counsel AAG 1 Lalit Kishore told the court that two factions in the BCA, one of which is headed by RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and an MLA Binod Kumar. The government is not named as a party to the petition.

Bihar Cricket Team

The Bombay High Court held in December 2010 that “the petitioner (CAB) never claimed to be the successor of BCA Patna (which represented Bihar in the BCCI before bifurcation) and that BCA Patna had abandoned its opposition to the committee’s recommendations. The challenge is that JSCA. BCA’s name amendment (1935). Therefore, the applicant must first apply for membership and be promoted to associate membership and then to full membership. The rules and regulations are binding and BCCI must comply with the above rules.”

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The Bihar Cricket Association and the Bihar Cricket Association on 11 July 2012 accused Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Bihar Cricket Association of committing up to Rs 50 lakh, a fund allocated by the BCCI in 2012 for the development of the sport in the state. the year 2008 Gearing up for the Bihar Ranji innings after 18 years, the team hopes to repeat the Vijay Hazare Trophy performance from November 1.

Bihar Ranji led by former India player Pragyan Ojha played their first match against Uttarkhand. Before leaving for the match, the team held a media interaction on Sunday where they revealed their plans. Ojha said, “After almost 18 years, the Bihar team played a home match in the Vijay Hazare Tournament. The show was full of speculation and our kids performed well both in batting and bowling. , they showed their talent. We hope to repeat the same.” . performance in the Ranji game”.

In the Vijay Hazare Tournament, Bihar reached the quarter-finals but lost to Mumbai, led by India opener Rohit Sharma. Bihar is the leader of the group with 30 points.

Since the format of the Ranji Trophy (a four-day tournament) is different from the Vijay Hazare Tournament (a one-day tournament), the Bihar team has made some changes in their line-up.

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Behind Bihar’s success are players like Keshav Kumar, Babul and Samar Quadri in the starting lineup for the Ranji match.

“Our team consists of new and experienced players. We hope to repeat the performance,” Ojha said.Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) has appointed former India player Subroto Banerjee Banerjee as the coach.

Bihar’s first match will be against Uttarakhand from November 1-4. The second match will be against Pondicherry on November 20-23.

Bihar Cricket Team

Ranji game

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