Abhimanyu Cricket Academy – In interaction with WION, Abhimanyu Easwaran shared his experiences with Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, upcoming UK tour, Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, his experience at Red Bull Campus Cricket and more.

Bengal goalkeeper Abhimanyu Easwaran is set to travel to the UK for three-and-a-half months after being named in the ICC World Test Cup final against New Zealand and five games against England.

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

The 25-year-old has knocked on the doors of the senior national team for several seasons. 861 impressive runs in 2018-19. Easwaran caught the eye of the national team after scoring in the Ranji Trophy season and is a regular in India A. The luxurious right-hand box was also on the lookout when England played the 4-Test series in India earlier this year.

Cricket Academy In Dehradun

“It was a great experience. I can learn a lot from the mid-senior members, sharing the exercise network together. It was an education for me. The intensity with which Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma or other senior members of the training team are incredible. You learn a lot by just watching them do their business online. I think you have to learn as much as you can and be better than yourself, “Easwaran said. In an interview with WION.

Asked if he had a one-on-one discussion with Kohli or any other senior member of the group, Easwaran said, “Yes, I did talk to Virat Kohli. It is more personal than how he approaches the performance or the game, how he adapts to different game scenarios and other psychological aspects of the game. His confidence affected others and I could feel it.

“I had a good conversation with R Sridhar (India coach) and attended his training session with a lot of focus. I learned a lot from watching Ajinkya Rahane, who is as passionate about tennis as he is, so it was a great learning experience for me, ”added Bengal Ranji Trophy captain Easwaran.

The 25-year-old has a cricket school named after him in Dehradun. Easwaran’s love for cricket came from his father, RP Easwaran, who came in charge even before the birth of the talented boxer. Manoj Rawat and Nirmalya Sengupta have been hired as Abhimanyu’s personal coaches, traveling with him to the tournament to observe his growth. . Even the great Ramakant Achrekar, Roger Binny and Arshad Ayub worked with Easwaran in a small capacity.

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Before the harsh tour of England and when parts of India are completely locked up or partially Easwaran is spending time in Dehradun preparing for the much-anticipated series.

“Honor my dad, he really loved cricket and started school before I was born. The equipment is good and here I can focus entirely on my games. On a normal day, I hardly have time to go there, but now I practice different aspects of my game and use the tools as much as I can, ”quipped Easwaran.

An important part of Easwaran’s rise was his college Umes Chandra College Red Bull Campus Cricket. Easwaran added that playing Red Bull Campus cricket gave him a lot of confidence and gave him the opportunity to participate in a competitive and well-organized cricket tournament.

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

“It was an enjoyable experience. Well-organized games at a young age are very important for my development. It’s really nice to get in touch with players from all over the country. “I think this kind of competition is important for the development of young players and Red Bull has done a great job of providing this platform for everyone,” Easwaran said.

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Indian players on 19 May. Will gather in Mumbai for a 14-day isolation on June 2. Going to the UK. In addition to the WTC final against New Zealand on June 18, India will play five tests against England from August to September.

MLC 2023: MI New York prepares for a new challenge as Tim David and Co gather in the United States for the start of the season. Uttarakhand chose the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, built by Easwaran’s father, for his youngest son to train.

Viv Richards and Brian Lara watched the match only in the stadium named after them. Bhaichung Bhutia never had a chance to start at Bhaichung Bhutia Stadium in Namchi, Sikkim. Daren Sammy is probably the only cricket player to have played at the Daren Sammy Stadium in St Lucia. And now Abhimanyu Easwaran, the current Indian tennis player who was part of the Bangladesh test team last month, is in Bengal against his home state of Uttarakhand in the Ranji Trophy Group B. At Abhimanyu Cricket Academy Stadium. Deradon.

Located about 12 km from the Indian Military Academy in Uttarakhand, it is a stunning cricket venue around an international venue with nine pitches and ICC standard lighting. It has state-of-the-art training facilities with bowling machines, 60-room accommodation including a spa, library, bakery, a restaurant called Sunny’s Cover Drive, Jonty Rhodes Gym and rooms for Sachin Tendulkar and Lara, among others.

Born For Cricket

The stadium was the initiative of Abhimanyu Ranganathan Parameswaran’s father, who started the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy on the day he became an accountant. “I used to be a newspaper and ice cream seller,” he said by phone from Dehradun. “But when I became a CA, I wanted to get back into the game. Yes, it’s great to watch my son play here. But this is just one step. I want to see him play 80-100 Tests in the next 10 years.

When Abhimanyu, 27, in 2013 walked out of Eden Gardens and made his Ranji Trophy debut, he was initially known as “The boy from Dehradun who trained at the established stadium. By his father and named after him. ” But Abhimanyu has never had such air around him. “Every child will have a stadium named after him. “But he would line up outside the school and ask me which seat he would get.” Ranganathan says.

Abhimanyu was born in 1995, seven years after the school began. “I am a Tamil married to Punjabi. We named him Abhimanyu so both families can accept it. Ten years later Ranganathan bought land for the stadium. The land is organized by age group and tournament. In the old house for many years, but never had any features that show its owner. Come Tuesday and that record will be broken.

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

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Newsletters, Reminders and Instructions Get Mark’s personal information and interesting offers, things to read slowly. Hundreds of local and regional matches and thousands of football matches after the RedBull Campus Cricket World Finals have reached Location of Abhimanyu Cricket Academy in Dehradun. This Monday morning, the hosts India reached the right start in Group A against Bangladesh.

The opening match is against the maximum level. He has made great promises without losing his national bouts, but the field here proves to be a tough one for the boxers. India, where the attempt to win the first throw and bowl has worked as an attraction so far has been successful Again. On two pitches, Bangladesh struggled and were knocked out for 46 runs.

India has pursued a decent total but has had some problems with the spinners, suggesting that Bangladesh could have a handful later if they could get a decent total on board. “We are disappointed with the pitch today. Yesterday, the training ground jumped. But that is not an excuse. “At first we were unlucky, but we hope to do well in the rest of the game,” said Md captain Mainul Alam.

It is the first time in four years that cricket players from Pakistan have visited India and they are expected to watch closely with Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

A Team From Shradhanand College, Delhi At The Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, Dehradun

That’s time for the tournament to go high, especially with the next two games on Monday. . In the second match of the first day, Sri Lanka defeated the defending South African champions to an impressive and incredible victory.

Lankan captain Malshan Mendis insists his team is here to win the game in Sunday’s preview. He tracked this down with a great individual draw of 5 for 22 against Proteas, limiting them to only 134 runs in their 20 divisions.

The chase was very busy early on and slow in the middle as South Africa increased the level of competition to Put pressure on the boxer. Boil for up to 10 sessions

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

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