2023 Ipl – Stump  • Third Test  • Leeds AUS(47 ov) 263 &  116/4 MY 237 Day 2 – Australia lead by 142 runs. A set of tabular reports

Results • Qualifier 1 • TNPL • Salem LKK 193/7 DD(20 ov, T:194) 163/9 Kovai Kings won by 30 overs Schedule Video Schedule

2023 Ipl

2023 Ipl

Results 29th Match, Super Six CWC Qualifiers ODI Harare WI 243 SL(44.2/50 ov, T:244) 244/2 Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets (with 34 balls to spare) Series Report Schedule

Most Runs In Ipl 2023 List

Stumps – Update Only  • First Quarter Final  • Duleep Trophy  • FC  • WEZ Groove(92 ov) 220  & 292/9 CEZ 128 Day 3 – West Zone lead by 384 runs. Table set

Stump – Update Only  • Semi-Finals • Duleep Trophy •  FC  •  Bengaluru NOZ 198 &  211 SOZ(6.3 ov, T:215) 195 &  21/0 Day 3 – South Zone need 194 runs. Table set

Result 1st Junior ODI Khulna SA19(29/29 ov) 145/8 BD19(28.3/29 ov, T:163) 152 S Africa U19 won by 10 runs (DLS Method) Table Series

Results • Match 25 • RHF Cup • Chesterfield ND 185 BLZ(24.5/50 ov, T:186) 189/1 The Blaze won by 9 wickets (with 151 balls left) Table Table Report Series

Ipl Auction 2023 Highlights: Curran, Green, Stokes, Pooran Most Expensive; 80 Players Sold For Rs 167 Crore, Full Squads List

Result  • 26th Match  • RHF Cup  • Guildford CS 246/8 SES(47.3/50 ov, T:247) 225 Sparks won by 21 runs Table Table Table.

Match Results • 27th Match • RHF Cup • Southport VP 262/8 THDER(50 ov, T:263) Score Table Set Table 262/8

Live • 2nd Quarter  • Vitality Explosion  •  T20  •  Manchester SURR(15/20 ov) 140/3 LANCS Surrey elect to bat. Table set table

2023 Ipl

Live • Third Quarter • Vitality Explosion • T20 • Taunton NOTTS(14.2/20 ov) 98/4 SOM Notts elect to bat. Table set table

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Live • 4th Quarter  • Blast Vitality  •  T20  • Southampton WORCS(6.1/20 ov) 29/4 HANTS Hampshire elected to field. Table set table

Tomorrow, 17:35 PM  • 3rd T20I  • Lord’s England Women Australia Women have not yet started Schedule Video Series

Tomorrow, 9:00 MLM  • 3rd T20I  •  Gros Islet West Indies Ireland Women’s match did not start the schedule.

Tomorrow, 4:30 AM  • 1st T20I  •  Colombo (PSS) Sri Lanka Women New Zealand Women’s match has not started yet.

Ipl 2023 New Rules: List Of Changes Made To Playing Conditions

Al Muthu used to be a cricket nut. Now he wants nothing to do with it. So much so that he schedules his vacations during the IPL and travels 3.147 billion light years from Earth for peace and quiet. Waiting for him in the interplanetary arrival room are his old friends who seem too pleased with themselves. Icome Inpeace: Ehhh… Ehhh…. Al: What is this? Icome: This is Planet Eyepeeyell. We changed the name as soon as I returned from the last world. remember? When you taught me all about the greatest sports in history forever. What do you think? Al: It’s bad – remember he’s on an alien planet with advanced people who can turn him into a potion – hook. It’s undeniable… Icome: Are you excited for the new season? Al: No.Icome: But it’s bigger and better this year! Al: They say every year. Icome: But this time really. Al: Tell me. One way it makes the words of the snooty air bigger and better. Icome: Teams can choose their XI based on the toss result. They have provision for impact players who can really change the game. There is DRS not only for wickets but for wide and no balls. Al: I said one way.

The final XI after the toss and the Impact Player rule will give the team a lot to think about this season • BCCI

Icome: Can you imagine? The captain, if he has to bowl first, can line up his XI with the bowlers and then change one of them to make the mix in the run. Al: It is limited to Indian players only. Impact players who come into the team cannot be selected abroad. No wait, he can do it, if there are less than four foreign players in the first place. Icome smiled softly: That was the test. Al: Well, I might have been snooped while standing in line to get my CSK jers — Icome: I know. Al: Shut up. Icome: Sure, but you have to be smart. For example, Rajasthan Royals can leave Devdutt Padikkal or Yashasvi Jaiswal out of their XI if they bowl first and take one of them when it’s time to bat. Meanwhile, if the pitch turns, as it did in Chennai, they can call on M Ashwin or KC Cariappa to support R Ashwin and Yuzvendra Chahal. If it was seam-friendly, or even neutral, they could have opted for more Kuldeep Sen batting. Impact players can, potentially, equalize the home advantage. Al: Weird I can’t stop thinking how much more fun school would be if they had player rules. I will take my math test and pass. Others will sit through PE.Icome: Yes. That is strange. must be strange.

2023 Ipl

Al: Go ahead. BBL tried something like this and threw it away… Icome: That’s why impact players are given more than replacement x-factor of BBL. He can come in at any time in the innings and participate fully in the game regardless of the work done by his replacement. As such, the team can beat their power play specialist up front and then replace him with a death specialist who will still be allowed to bowl the full four overs. Amazing, isn’t it? The range of impact players in the IPL is more than anything the cricketing world has ever seen. Al: You know, you should DM BCCI. They will really like you. Icome: And I like them. Especially now they gave the opportunity to the captain to finish their team after the toss. SA20 did it first, which may signal to IPL that they are competitive when it comes to innovation. Whatever happens, in fact, now, before every match, the team can choose two sets of XIs and two sets of impact bowlers based on whether they will bat or bowl, then depending on the outcome of the toss you lock in. And you see, this can also reduce the effect of waterfall in the results. It won’t end, because the second-bowling team often has the disadvantage of holding the ball hard, but at least they will have an additional option: special batsmen when they bat and the ball is catching and slow in the match. Special bowling when they bowl runs and it feels like the runs will not stop. Al: Well, I’ll admit, these new rules are great. It’s actually like a get out of jail free card – except your options are limited. So you have to be smart about it. You have to plan ahead and since it’s your first time, there’s an element of hoping for the best. Icome: This is the Shawshank situation. Al: Do you know Shawshank? Icome: You can say that. It’s hard to remember the scene of Icome in the bar with Frank Darabont talking about how he celebrated the first time he left his vegetable garden as a child – out in the rain, kneeling on the ground and raising his arms high.

Tata Ipl Schedule 2023, Team, Venue, Points Table, Pdf

Allowing teams to use DRS to check wides and no-balls may prevent such scenes from IPL 2019 • BCCI

Al: Why did they widen the DRS and no ball? Icome: To make sure that the right decisions are made so that everyone can continue the game in peace. Al: You mean like VAR in football? Icome: What? No! Al: Why not? It is a call, judged with the help of technology, by humans and finally I checked that we are still vulnerable to errors. Icome: At least it will avoid accidents such as a pirate captain swearing an oath to a director. Lead in the field Al: Yes. Let’s exercise together. It was the last ball of the match and there was one run to win. You are the third party judge. You are called in because the batter has moved across his face, forcing the bowler to move his line farther. Batter plays and misses. He begged for more. It is not given. For the record, the ball landed well past the “wide line” but since he crossed it, it was within his reach. DRS has brought you into the game and you have to make decisions. Is this wide? Icome: Uhh… yes… no… wait… I hate you Al: So when is the first game? Icome: Brother. You didn’t just ask me Al: Pretend I did.Icome: March 31 – Defending champions Gujarat Titans beat four-time champions Chennai Super Kings.Al: MS Dhoni’s last season.Icome: Just on earth.Al: What ? !Icome: I said a lot. Al: It’s great that this competition can spread across the country now after the Covid-19 epidemic season, even if all the teams are not playing home and away. How do they rearrange the schedule? Icome: Each team in Group A has five in Group B twice and four in their own group once, a total of 14 league games each.

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