Cricket Betting Strategy – Cricket is a fascinating game that offers a variety of different bets that can be easily combined into one betting strategy. For example, there are straight bets, player side bets, team side bets, advanced bets and many more that fit perfectly into the system.

A cricket betting strategy works by placing several types of bets on one ‘lotto ticket’. For example, you can use your strategy to spread bets between different players or teams to ensure your winnings. Cricket betting strategies are also available for matches or bets for any of the listed bets.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Cricket Betting Strategy

You can also bet on top bowlers or batsmen, best players and more. This is why the best way to get started with cricket betting is to use one of the two main betting strategies – mathematical or game related.

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Mathematical strategies are the most accepted among cricket bettors. They depend on choosing the right odds and creating different combinations. The ladder method, the martingale strategy or fixed bets is one of the most popular mathematical cricket betting strategies.

Contrary to the mathematical method, you will find cricket betting strategies related to the game. These are more qualitative and rely on your knowledge and skill in predicting future outcomes by examining patterns and characteristics of a specific tournament or game.

For example, if you were a good game strategist, you would try to profit from underperforming tournaments by targeting inflated odds.

However, before choosing a betting strategy, you must have a deep understanding of odds, lines and combinations. You should choose your bet carefully and calculate how much you want to deposit.

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You can differentiate between the various cricket betting strategies by odds, team or bet amount. In order to choose the right strategy, we have listed 15 cricket betting strategies for you.

Here you can find D’Alembert Betting System, Deuce Betting System, Kelly Criterion, Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategies and many more.

The Dogon betting strategy is the first on our list and it is a mathematical strategy. This system is most commonly used by those new to the world of cricket betting and is extremely popular.

Cricket Betting Strategy

The Dogon betting strategy is a “rate” system based on increasing the bet amount to cover previous losses. According to this system, the bet amount should increase after each loss. This process continues until all previous bets are returned, in addition to the planned payout.

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This is a fairly simple mathematical strategy that can lead to short-term profits, but can lead to bankruptcy if practiced too often. This system is tied to your financial allocation, so be careful.

You bet $100 on a cricket match and lose. The next time you bet $200, you lose again. However, the third time, you bet $400, hoping to recoup all your previous losses and make a profit.

For this to happen, the odds of the particular outcome you choose must be greater than 2, 5 or 5/4 to cover any money you lost on the first two bets, as well as claim the planned profit.

Dogon betting systems can come in different forms such as standard dogon or martingale, classic dogon, progressive dogon, double-dogon, etc. To win cricket betting you can use the first two as the safest and easiest bets.

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Fixed Betting is another popular cricket betting system. It’s also based on math, meaning you’ll use a “fixed bet”, or each of your bets will be equal to the same amount or percentage.

Cricket gamblers usually play this strategy by specifying a percentage of their money for each bet. There are several fixed betting strategies you can use to profit from cricket games:

Most cricket bettors consider college betting even the most reasonable bets as you can bet 3% on higher stakes games or results and 5% on clearer games or results.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Another example of cricket flat betting: Let’s say you have $1,000 in your account and a 30% betting strategy guarantee. This means you will bet $300 on your team or player. If you lose, your account will be reduced to $700, which will reduce your next bet to $210, as your total money will also be reduced.

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A flat betting strategy is good for minimizing risk and allowing enough room for minor betting errors. This is why if you are an inexperienced player, “flat betting” is a great answer to how to win cricket betting.

This is probably the most attractive cricket betting strategy for beginners and inexperienced players. Bank percentage strategy is another money focused system that reduces losses from unexpected cricket bets.

This cricket betting system works similarly to other systems and requires a specified betting percentage of the entire deposit. For example, you can deposit $1,500 into an online casino and assign them 7% of the deposit on each bet.

Here is the “percentage in the bank” strategy that was hinted at in the game between England and India:

Bet Of Cricket

Your funds are worth $1,000. If your first bet is $50, India wins at odds of 2.0, and India somehow succeeds – your pot will increase to $1,050. Your second bet will again be 5%, but this time equal to $52.5.

If you manage to win a set, your money will increase to $1,102,5, and your third bet will become 5% again, but now $55,12. However, if you lose your second bet, your money will be reduced to $997.5 and your third bet will be $49.

This is how the “percentage of banks” strategy works. When it comes to cricket, feel free to use it for runs, wickets, odd/even runs, batsman or bowler bets, top batsman or bowler team and more.

Cricket Betting Strategy

The Martingale strategy is another advanced cricket betting style, which is also a mathematical version of the Dogon betting strategy.

Online Cricket Betting Rate

The Martingale cricket betting strategy is to increase your bet every time you lose. Interesting and dangerous – when cricket bettors want to minimize their losses in a losing streak, the martingale strategy may be the only option.

If you lose your bet, your next bet should be double the initial amount. However, if you win your bet, the next play should be the same as the winning bet.

It’s simple math – pick a cricket match with odds greater than 2.0 because you’ve doubled your bet and you should double your win.

Let’s take as an example the match between Pakistan and Australia. The winning martingale tickets are as follows:

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Now let’s say you lose your first 3 bets but win your 4th – Pakistan wins at 2.5 odds with a $180 bet. You will have a net profit of $270 because you were able to recover your losses, plus double your last bet.

Martingale cricket betting strategy is mostly used for ‘over/under’ bets, but if you are experienced enough, you can try any player bet or other bid bet.

The D’Alembert betting system is very similar to the Martingale system, with the only difference being the amount of each bet.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Our example is the T20 World Cup warm-up match between New Zealand and Australia. You decide to bet $5 on New Zealand to win the game. So this will be your first bet, and your second bet will increase by one unit or $5 if the Australian team lost the match.

Cricket Betting Rules

Simple math – your second bet will be $10, but if you lose again, your third bet will increase by another unit ($5), up to a maximum of $15. This time, assuming you’re lucky, Australia wins. Winning in the D’Alembert betting system means reducing your bet by units. So your fourth bet will be $10 again.

If you still want to make up for previous losses, experts advise you to choose cricket matches and results with odds of 3.0 or more. These trades are riskier than Odds 2.0 trades, but make sure you don’t break even after a losing streak.

There are several variations of the d’Alembert betting method, the most common being the reverse d’Alembert method.

Here everything is reversed from the standard d’Alembert system. If you win, you increase your bet by one unit, but if you lose, you decrease it by one unit.

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Each winning bet increases your next bet by one unit. The system looks like this:

If your bankroll is $1,000 and you win your first bet, you will earn $20 and your next bet will increase by one unit ($20) to $40. However, if you lose your second bet, your third bet will be $20 again.

You must find a possible match or result with odds greater than 2.0. You can bet on Top Bowler, Top Batsman, Match Betting, Over/Under, Toss Winner and more, but all

Cricket Betting Strategy

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