Crazy Time History – Il gioco e vietato ai minori e puo causare dipendenza patologica – Consulta le probabilita di vincita

You’ll find numbers that show you the best opportunities to change your game strategy, along with lots of other useful information that informs the evolution of the wheel over time.

Crazy Time History

Crazy Time History

Crazy Time is a live online game produced by Evolution Gaming that features a Live Casino Game Show sector, similar to Monopoly Live. On this page you can check what is happening directly on the game wheel.

Crazy Time Free Spins

Each box has real-time update odds and the number of spins since the last draw of that specific number or bonus game. The number of lottery draws (according to the selected period) and the theoretical prediction value are also shown.

The table below contains a detailed history of each spin and the various multipliers, number of winning players and total cash prizes distributed.

This data can be useful because it shows the difference between statistical predictions and actual performance. We know that manufacturers claim an average probability value for each sector or feature, but in real winnings there are various deviations around the expected values.

As common sense dictates, if some values ​​are exceptionally far from their mean, there may be outliers that reproduce the theoretical probability.

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You should always be careful, because mathematically there is no correlation between the spin of the wheel and the next one, you can use the given information to optimize your bet according to the dynamics of the game and hope to get a good player profit. by placing a bet on the number. or Crazy Time bonus is expected.

As a practical example, if you are betting on the pachinko bonus but have the correct frequency of it, and the cash hunt has not been played for a few spins, it will be beneficial to move your bet to the latter.

Numbers or features like Coin Flip Bonus can be the most attractive candidates to restore the budget, always remember that a 100% successful strategy can never be guaranteed.

Crazy Time History

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By evaluating the probabilities in real time, you can change your game strategy and try to optimize your budget.

However, we would like to reiterate that in the long run any betting choice will result in a loss of balance as expected from the 96.08% RTP.

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