Aviator Game: Soaring To New Heights In The World Of Online Casinos – With limited income, astronomical signing bonuses and huge wallets, LIV Golf has thrived quite a bit. But the real surprise is that Saudi Arabia’s newest Golf Super League isn’t just “washing the sport.” That profit could change – and soon.

As he walks the course at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, a few miles west of Portland, Oregon, LIV Golf CEO and trustee Greg Norman extols. “Great, Greg!” shouts the fan. “My wife will kill me if I don’t take a picture with you,” says another, leaning over the ropes to take a selfie with the man who was the world’s No. 1 golfer for 331 weeks. Others simply thank him for bringing elite golf back to Pumpkin Ridge, where in 1996, 20-year-old Tiger Woods won his third consecutive US Amateur title just days before turning pro.

Aviator Game: Soaring To New Heights In The World Of Online Casinos

Aviator Game: Soaring To New Heights In The World Of Online Casinos

Norman is the hero here. But there is a villain everywhere. Norman was mocked by Rory McIlroy, criticized by Woods and criticized by golf analyst Brendel Chamblee during the first season of LIV Golf in 2022. He even managed to distance himself from the British Open pre-tournament festivities, which was a big blow because Norman won the tournament twice.

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LIV Golf CEO and Trustee Greg Norman says he assembled his C-suite in 60 days, adding, “I don’t stand for egos. No one is bigger than anyone else. Everyone is equal on the team. that’s what drives the whole effort.”

It might just be worth the trouble. If so, it’s one Norman, 67, would be happy to pay. For nearly 30 years, he chased the dream of a breakaway golf super league, the best players in the world competing on a global schedule for huge prize money. LIV, which lured 10 of the world’s top 50 players from the PGA Tour with big signing bonuses and promises to play less golf for more money, made that dream a reality, but not without a price.

The inaugural visit is supported by Saudi Arabia’s $620 billion Public Investment Fund (assets). It plans to spend at least $2.4 billion on the league over the next four seasons, an amount unprecedented in the world of professional golf. LIV has guaranteed six-time major champion Phil Mickelson, who is 52, an estimated $200 million to join the tour. He is now the world’s highest-paid athlete, with an estimated $138 million in earnings before taxes and agent fees over the past 12 months. With no major sponsors, no US TV deal and few tickets sold, LIV’s business model doesn’t seem to make sense. Indeed, the league has been widely dismissed as an attempt to “wash the sport” of Saudi Arabia’s poor international reputation, which has only worsened since the assassination of Saudi Arabia.

“We have the luxury of looking very far. We are not in the market to raise another fund in the next few years that requires an exit strategy. Atul Khosla, President of LIV Golf

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But what if it isn’t? What if LIV is a legitimate attempt to supplant the PGA Tour as the sole purveyor of elite professional golf — and what if it can make money while doing it?

“LIV is the future of golf,” says Norman. “Why? Because you have these incredible opportunities for us to go down from a sponsorship standpoint, from a production standpoint, from a gameplay standpoint, from every aspect that’s never been done before in the game of golf.

He is not wrong. If LIV weren’t backed by vats of dirty petrodollars, almost every commentator on the planet would be praising its assault on the PGA Tour’s seeming monopoly over the game and its iron grip on the best players. The PGA Tour, structured as an umbrella non-profit organization that oversees 48 independently run events, responded strongly to LIV’s threat, calling on golfers (technically independent contractors)’ to ban those playing in one LIV event from competing on its tour. This overreaction resulted in an antitrust investigation by the Department of Justice and a lawsuit by 11 LIV players, including Mickelson, claiming that the PGA Tour’s monopolistic behavior had harmed their earning potential.

Aviator Game: Soaring To New Heights In The World Of Online Casinos

“I think when you call Greg Norman you make an early call,” said Atul Khosla, president and COO of LIV Golf. “And then you can play golf and realize how bad you are at the game. But then you realize that’s not what he hired you to do.”

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LIV claims its Pro-Golf Remix — 54-hole tournaments held in a party-like atmosphere — can be covered in less than three years. To do this, he must continue to sign up top players and produce broadcasts that will appeal to a younger audience. (PGA Tour audiences tend to be over 45, industry experts point out

. LIV is targeting Millennials and Gen-Z.) The twist: LIV tournaments have a team element, and hopefully those teams will eventually generate revenue from their own sponsorships, sales and media deals.

But here’s the problem: None of this is going to happen without a major US broadcast deal. That’s usually the biggest source of revenue for any sports property, and it’s hard to see LIV taking off. Except for Fox, all the major American Networks already have golf deals with the PGA Tour.

Golf televising is big business. The PGA Tour reportedly earns about $700 million a year for its media rights in the United States. NAS In, LIV Golf is streamed on YouTube. But maybe patience — and signing up more elite players — is the key.

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“PIF is not classic private equity,” said Atul Khosla, president of LIV Golf and former CEO of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He adds: “We have the luxury of looking very long. We are not in the market to raise another fund in the next few years that requires an exit strategy.

For former President Donald Trump, the LIV Golf event at his Bedminster, New Jersey, club was just the first stop. The tour will hold its final season at Trump National Doral in Miami in October.

Hundreds of fans of former President Donald Trump roar as they approach the first tee at his New Jersey country club for LIV Golf’s Bedminster Invitational. Dressed in a white polo shirt and a red “Make America Great Again” cap, he waves, poses for pictures and signs autographs, even gesturing to the crowd when a fan asks him if he wants to run in 2024. He hatches a plan The excitement as a front-runner is palpable. , which includes former World No. 1 golfer Dustin Johnson, is scheduled to perform on the final day of the tournament. It’s a very different tone outside. Protesters steamed for days in the 80-degree July heat, just to express their displeasure with the money behind LIV.

Aviator Game: Soaring To New Heights In The World Of Online Casinos

“I’ve known these people in Saudi Arabia for a long time and they’ve been friends of mine for a long time,” Trump told reporters earlier that week. “They invested in many American companies. They own a large percentage of many, many American companies, and obviously what they’re doing for golf is great, what they’re doing for players is great. Wages will rise a lot. “

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“I don’t wake up afraid of what LIV is and where LIV is going because LIV is the future of golf.” Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf

Khosla says the money may flow, but that doesn’t change the reality that LIV’s long-term viability will come down to “sponsorship revenue after broadcast revenue.” LIV executives say they are keeping their options open, and outside of the major TV networks, a streaming deal with a major tech company like Apple or Amazon could also be an option. Khosla admits the conflict with the PGA Tour has “definitely affected our ability to go to market with every sponsor there is,” but insists the process is very much a work in progress and that typical nine-month sales occur in cycles.

The broadcast deal would also help in other ways, such as reducing LIV’s need for large sign-on bonuses to recruit players from the PGA Tour. They partially offset the reduced support income. A number of LIV golfers, including Johnson, Mickelson and 2020 US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau, lost sponsorship deals when they left the PGA Tour, in part due to a lack of TV exposure.

“My job is to try and create opportunities and exposure for the players, right?” says Kevin Lynch, agent for Empire Sports Management, which represents LIV golfer Turk Petit. “If there are only 48 guys playing and they show more golfers, they get more exposure. The problem is that they don’t really get much exposure because there isn’t a network or streaming deal where they’re easy to find. “

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Pat Perez, Taylor Gooch, Patrick Reed and Dustin Johnson won the team competition at the Bedminster Invitational. As team captain, Johnson owns 25% of the 4 Aces franchise.

LIV Golf is not the first breakaway organization that deals with professional sports. In the early 1980s, the USFL emerged to fill the void left by the NFL during the spring months, with new rules, rising stars and deep-pocketed owners, including Trump.

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